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No sooner did we report the unlikely scenario of Al Gore becoming the Democratic Presidential nominee due to a Clinton/Obama deadlock (or random lion attack), did every major news organization jump on the “What if?” bandwagon. We’d like to think we helped start the ball rolling on this rampant speculation, but honestly, we owe it all to Florida Congressman Rep. Tim Mahoney (D-FL) — who now is back-pedaling and saying he was “misquoted”. Mahoney explained “that while it’s possible for the former vice president to snag the nomination, the option is not being seriously considered.”

So it is possible? Damn it, Mahoney, stop teasing us!

So who’s jumping on this? Let’s see: MSNBC had a video segment last night, TIME is wondering if “Al Gore Is The Answer?“, and Green Daily even ran an amusing “6 Signs Al Gore Is Running For President“. Meanwhile, in the more than 300 votes received, Ecorazzi readers have decided that a Gore/Obama ticket would be best for the nation — with 80% of the vote. Perhaps a Gore/Clinton would carry too much irony.

In other Gore Nation news, it appears that our friends over at the Competitive Enterprise Institute have been found in copyright violation over their latest attack ad aimed at the former Veep. Apparently, seven seconds of footage shown in the hilarious television ad was taken from a documentary shot by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. Tsk, tsk. The ad has since been pulled from Youtube.

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  • Jonathon

    My conspiracy theory: deliberate “mistake” on Mahoney’s part so Dems could test market the Gore-led ticket. Greenies seem pumped about it at least.

  • oakling

    I dunno… I would be disappointed if after all this, BOTH a woman and a person of color were bypassed in favor of a white guy who wasn’t even running. How weird would that be? More to the point, it’s not exactly fair for them to ignore the electoral process and nominate whoever they want. I know they probably CAN, but talk about discouraging. After all, Gore got *zero* votes for the nomination… unless he got a few write-ins somewhere.

  • michael

    I completely agree Oakling. As it is, Hillary’s repeated reminders that pledged delegates from the primaries aren’t really “pledged” has me irked. Shouldn’t these delegates be following the will of the voters from those states? Seems rather un-democratic to me to suggest such things — even if the rules don’t implicitly say otherwise.

    I’m hopeful this won’t end ugly — but the Gore story is just for fun. I can’t see how in the world this would ever happen. The guy seems more at ease outside of politics right now. Of course, stranger things have happened.

  • Richard Morrison

    The ad mentioned in the last part of the post can still be viewed on CEI’s website at We believe that everything in the ad falls under Fair Use, and that despite YouTube’s removal, there is no copyright infringement.

  • Emily

    First, he’s never said he wanted it.

    Second – it’s called the Big Tent Party for a reason. I, personally, am looking forward to their duking it out at the convention.