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moss1.jpgThe Rolling Stones aren’t the only famous folk to feel the influence of Jo Wood’s green ways.  Supermodel Kate Moss has also received an education in the benefits of organic food and makeup — and is now entirely into the green scene. From the article,

“I opened her [Moss’s] fridge to see what was organic and there was nothing. I started telling her how important it is for her little girl,” said Jo, founder of Jo Wood Organics. And the mom of five-year-old Lila Grace is now almost 100% converted, including using Jo’s beauty line. “Kate loves the stuff, she loves all the oils,” adds Wood. As for the model’s bright complexion, Wood chalks it up to her new organic food regimen. “It’s amazing she can get away with it. She still likes to have a good party, but her skin looks good still. I told her! You have to look after your skin but it’s what you put in you as well.”

Jo should have added that what you wear also makes a difference. Most recently Kate Moss was spotted wearing a massive fur coat — much to the chagrin of those who thought she might have moved on from the practice. Here’s to hoping her new green ways will carry-over into other areas of her life.

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  • guin

    What difference does going organic mean to a person’s health or looks when she’s still snorting cocaine like a hoover vacuum cleaner and guggling down alcohol? It seems like a waste of time to me.

  • RemyC

    What wonders me, knowing what awful habits Kate has, she managed to remain so glorious… is it all make up tricks and lights and photoshop? Or is there rhyme to the madness that living hard, partying hard, tends to preserve one’s looks, till, sadly, it over night, all falls apart? They say all the booze and drugs act as preservative. Scary thought indeed.

  • Randi

    I have to turn in Kate Moss again…just saw this site.
    With the lovely photo of her in fur….what’s up Kate??