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We’re just wondering, “Why?”

More to come on this juicy third annual green issue from VF…

via the fashion spot

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11 Responses to Madonna Is The Cover Girl For Vanity Fair’s Green Issue

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  4. Sara says:

    Isn’t this the same Madonna who spends the average American’s income a year on bottled water? I’m confused…

  5. before we judge lets see what this is all about. None of us are 100% GREEN and we all contribute to pollution…so perhaps she may be offsetting somehow..lets wait and see what she says about this issue in the media etc..

    Jen Ramos
    ’100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards’

  6. what i mean by 100% green is – none of us LIVE truly green. In one way or another we pollute…unfortunately. But we should work as much as we can to reduce it in our own lives.

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  11. Marie Fernandez says:

    Let Resume in simplest Engligh

    1. Nature is agonizing since industrial revolution out because of man’s Greed, obsession for Fame/Wealth/Influence…futile Vanity

    2. 90% of people wish to be Rich. Some hiding, Some wishing Publicity and more Wealth babies.

    2. Celebrities are made rich by worshipping masses which treat them better than Christ was treated.. Famous buy planes, boats and fortresses. Using more resources, polluting more….instead of sharing most of the Wealth to make the world around richer and healthier (they would have still some left!!)

    3. They appear on Magazines, like Vanity Fair, to be sold by millions, destroying more Trees for the Sake of their EGO.
    Maybe to achieve the Status of Saint of the decade in Sexy Outfits (modernity oblige) Madonnas and Jolies just Holier than Holy Virgin.

    4. Those celebrities live In total disconnection of the real issues of the planet. They Cheat and hide their only concern is themselves.

    only a few celebrities are working for the planet. (di caprio, Robert Kennedy Jr. their language and behaviour is credible)

    All those Stars of Clay should be ashamed to get privilege after privilege when all they got is owed to the ordinary people.

    But if Ordinary people worship those Stars to the point to longing being one of them,

    then, truly, the Book of Revelations will become true.

    When the black Rain(oil) will rain over our heads,

    And children of the future will just be not allowed to see Nature other than dreams. or hear about weird legends of how the Planet used to be Green and Blue

    and turned a Trash. With Glossy magazines said to need more than 100 years to get recycled into the Soil.

    Is there some Common Sense left?
    Are People really concerned by Fairness?
    or do they pretend so in order to ride the merry go rounds of endless vanities?

    You tell me.

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