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What is going on? Have all the respected, earth-friendly celebrity ladies gone on a hiatus from the magazine world? With Vanity Fair choosing Madonna as their symbol of earth-friendly for their annual “green issue and now Complex mag choosing That 70’s Show star Mila Kunis for theirs, we’re seriously wondering.

At least Complex had the balls up front to say they weren’t going to bother asking Kunis anything remotely related to the environment to start with — you know, cause that would just be silly for a “green” issue. Instead, they asked her the juicy questions like, “What would you do with the power of invisibility?”

Man. What about some sexy Alicia Silverstone or Rachel McAdams? Hell, even Paris Hilton owns a hybrid. Or how about some Orlando Bloom, Adrian Grenier, or Brad Pitt for the ladies? So far, this year’s green issue covers are a bust.

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  • Adrian

    With all due respect, neither alicia nor rachel mcadams (who?) will sell nearly as many issues as Madonna – hands down. If VF has the opportunity to put Madonna on their green issue cover – they would be stupid not to. The more people that buy the magazine — the more opportunities to INFORM people. Anybody familiar with the phrase “sex sells”? Whether you like it or not she’ll sell a lot of mags, generate a lot of interest..And besides that – the VF cover looks sort of cool – much better than the uninspired Complex cover..that’s for sure.

  • michael

    In the issue of fairness, I’m going to hold out on being further negative towards the Madonna VF issue until I read the interview. Who knows, she may yet surprise.

  • davidconnell

    The “green is the new black” phase of green marketing has reached its apex and is now waning. What you’re seeing now is MSMags phoning it in for a year and paying lip service to green themes.

    Next year less than half of these publications will be featuring a “green issue.” We need to start pivoting to another medium/strategy for mass exposure for environmental concerns.

  • Anna B

    Right on. What the hell does Mila Kunis have to do with the environment besides going out with drug dealer Macaulay Culkin?

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  • Marie Fernandez

    Let’s Resume in my basic simple English
    Capital letters in the middle of words were used in Celtic Writing.(just to inform this instinctive habit of mine)

    1. Nature has been plundered by Man’s Greed to achiever Power/Fame/Monopoles/Influence….

    2. 90% of people on earth (got no time to explain those accurate 90%) wish to be Rich. Some wish to be Rich discreetly. Some wish Publicity but Privacy too!!!! Best of All worlds, dear

    3. 99% of people wish to live in modern Comfort. Some wish in Ecological ways, Some at any price. the more cars, the better. one tv per room…etc..

    4. Most celebrities buy private planes, boats etc etc.. instead of just HELPING the planet and going Green (RADIOHEAD), they Pollute further to escape the Masses which contributed to their Wealth.. mamma mia…

    5. To avoid loosing too much money, they ARE ON VANITY FAIR and millions of Magazines to Increase Fame, Fake humanitarian/Ecological Intentions, Wealth,
    Achieve the Status of “Saint of the decade”
    with NO sacrifice of their Oily Ego.

    Therefore, they contribute to sell more papers, destroying more forests!!!!

    Instead of just using 90 % of their wealth(they wouldnt starve) in order to Help the Natures resources, to recycle, or else, forget their shit Ego, and just THINK bout future generations of children who will NEVER be able to remember what a Tree was like…what Healthy food was

    I mean : Where is Common Sense and Real Concern for this Planet? If we Worship those who contribute to make us live like them and Plunder the Planet

    Amen, good Luck for the Children to come who might be ourselves (Sri Aurobindo’s Karma and Rebirth, 1920)

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