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madodona.jpgRemember when I questioned why in the world Madonna was on the cover of Vanity Fair’s “green” issue? Here’s a perfect example of my objection.

Madonna has gone on a bat-shit crazy rant criticizing the Mayor of London over traffic congestion fees, mass transportation, and suggesting that musicians in general should be exempt from all taxes. WTF? The statements came during a recent interview with Q magazine. In her own words,

“Admitting Mr Livingstone wouldn’t be getting her vote, Madonna slammed the congestion charge and warned people not to use the Tube. ‘I would make it so that aspiring musicians wouldn’t have to pay the congestion charge, or pay taxes’ she told Q magazine. ‘Now all Red Ken [Livingstone] wants is road works going on everywhere. Don’t use the Tube; can’t use the roads? No, I’ll just have to walk.”

Obviously, for someone who lives in a world of chauffeurs and private-everything, understanding why the congestion tax is important is well beyond comprehension. As a result of the tax, the overall amount of traffic in London fell by 21 per cent between 2002 and 2006. The result is that 70,000 fewer vehicles are on the streets every day than before the charge began. Taxi use has risen by 13 per cent, bus and coaches by 25 per cent, and bicycles by 49 per cent.

Unfortunately, traffic is still an issue — as the public works sector has ramped up maintenance on roads and caused more delays; something a spokesperson said has been “long overdue”.

But for someone on the cover of a green issue, shouldn’t Madonna understand the big picture of less emissions and air pollution? Or is she too busy bitching to notice?

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  • Josh

    Get off the cross someone needs the wood.. We are all tired of being taxed to death

  • Aaron

    Firstly, you’re taking the interview out of context, she mentioned musicians not having to pay the taxes, as a lighthearted nod to the artists who struggle (it came on the back of her reminiscing about how hard it was to start her career).

    Secondly, she did, as you admit, suggest walking. Isn’t that part of your grand plan?

    And over all, anyway, you take this to a ridiculous extreme. Her comments had no relation to any sort of negative impact on global warming, it’s bizarre that you would take someone casually mentioning how overtaxed everyone is at every turn, and turn it into that! Madonna is the highest profile celeb in the world, and she has done so much to raise awareness of the green fight. Find someone else to bitch about (oh, the irony of your caption) who deserves it. If the green movement blast those who are helping it so much, you can’t really complain when people think you’re wankers.

  • michael

    Disagree. She is making reference to a congestion tax that is meant to curb CO2 emissions and increase the use of mass transportation. How is this not related to Global Warming?

    Wanker, indeed.

  • Brookie

    She’s just old and bonkers. So very bonkers.




    Realizing that there are millions of households that own two or more cars in America (THE BIG SPENDERS/USERS), it is time that these households start paying their fair share for their use of, and for the additional wear-and-tear that they inflict on, our roads, highways, and bridges.

    If a household registers more than one vehicle, they should be assessed a significantly higher annual motor vehicle tax for each car registered after the first one.

    This new policy would help to reduce the number of cars on the road, and to increase the funding needed to update and improve all of our transportation systems.

    Additional ideas for improving our transportation systems can be found in the new book, “HOW TO LIVE WELL WITHOUT OWNING A CAR” by Chris Balish.

  • caroline

    One of the reasons the roads are being dug up all over London is because water pipes are being replaced – I suppose Madonna doesn’t need to use them as she only drinks bottled water and goes out into the garden to take a dump?!

  • maddison

    Aaron is a freak (first commentator).why are you sucking up to that bitch?

  • tjr

    Madonna’s Madness

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  • Sopha

    Narcissists always contradict themselves, as their beliefs/statements are simply a way for them to get narcissistic supply and pump up their “larger than life” delusional persona. (see also f ex Angelina Jolie, who is SUCH a peace advocator, while starring in hyperviolent movies).

    “One Law For Them, and One For Others” is the Narcissist Credo above all!