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Nowadays it seems that everyone is pulling their money together and opening up a school in some other country. Oprah Winfrey, of course, started the trend with her Henley-On-Klip Leadership Academy in South Africa in 2006, and Ecorazzi told you how Ricki Lake was helping her nanny build a school. Well now the material girl herself has announced plans to open an all-girls school of her own in Malawi.

Madonna recently told Elle magazine: “I’m buying land and getting permission to build a girl’s school. The women will play a big role in the future and rebirth of Malawi.”  Why Malawi? Madonna adopted her son David from the country in 2006 and has been quoted saying : “People always ask me why I chose Malawi. And I tell them, I didn’t. It chose me.”

Stay posted Ecorazzi readers! I’m sure there will be many more juicy details as this story unfolds. I hope Madonna is making this school green!

  • Armine Abrahamyan

    I know she has adopted a child from Africa, it is so impressing!


  • Carol Nussbaumer

    I’d be more impressed with Madonna and Oprah’s schools if they showed any understanding of the larger problems of Malawi or spent any real time there in the bush (no water, no power, no phone, no media present). I’ve been doing that for 10 years — no publicity. Teaching, helping put in protected water sources. Celebrities have no clue.

  • Susan H

    People, especially certain celebrities, can be very “generous” by the worlds’ standards but I caution all to look a little closer. Personally, I can think of nothing worse than to send kids, especially the least among us, to “new age schools.” Despite Oprah’s “good works”, she is dangerously leading many souls to hell with her new age “no sin exists, the only god is yourself” world wide teachings. I pray for Madonna and Oprah. It’s what they “teach” that keeps me up at night How interesting that they both have/will have “schools”; how interesting that the timing of these schools are closely tied with “altruistic works”, i.e, Oprah’s “Big Give”, Madonna’s adoption.

    I’m just saying, everything isn’t as it seems. I wish the best for Oprah and Mondanna, and certainly the children of Africa. As a Christian having and knowing the light of Jesus Christ, I tell you there is nothing these “schools” can teach than can be of more benefit than the dangers of the “new age doctrine.”

    Many don’t realize that the evil one does his best work hidden under a disguise. If it’s “real” it would be done with humility, not self promotion and a public relations promotion.

    I’m not only “not impressed”, I’m very concerned. Christians, speak up and denounce this cult following of new age celebrities.

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  • http://NewEarthStar Rob H (south Africa) (and soon Malawi)

    The Lord works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform. Judge not, less ye be judged. I truly beieve that Oprah and Madona have the intention that their ‘works’ be to the highest good of all. Which puts their intentions in alignment with God as far as I am concerned. Check out the great work The Hunger Project are doing – world wide. If you went to one of THEIR seminars in the west you would possibly label them New Age as well – since they teach personal empowerment. A fed, loved and empowered person is in a better position to make rational choices about their own spiritual path. Prayers for the highest good of all are always welcome. Fear not – for fear is lack of love. Love more and worry less. Sleep well – God is in charge – release your wories to Him…
    with love – Rob

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