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So remember a while back when Ecorazzi told you that burlesque star Dita Von Teese was working with the People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals to raise awareness for the spaying and neutering of companion animals — well apparently companion animals are the only animals Ms. Von Teese cares about.

PETA is so very angry over comments Dita made to the New York Times, saying: “My guilty pleasure is eating foie gras in Paris. I feel guilty and horrible about it.” PETA has already received a fair share of criticism over hiring a non-vegetarian, fur-wearing celeb to help spotlight animal issues, but now they’re finally speaking out.  Media director Michael McGraw says:

“We were aware that Dita is not a vegetarian before working with her, and she has brought much needed attention to an important PETA campaign promoting spaying and neutering of companion animals.

But foie gras entails some of the cruelest factory farming abuses, which is why most people choose not to eat it. Foie gras is made from the grotesquely enlarged livers of ducks and geese who are cruelly force-fed by pipes that are shoved down their throats every day, pumping up to four pounds of grain and fat into their stomachs. We hope that Dita does the right thing and eliminates foie gras from her diet.”

Well I hope PETA does the right thing and eliminates Dita Von Teese from THEIR diet! Sorry guys, but as a card-carrying PETA member I’m totally outraged that a fur-wearing, foie gras eating semi-celeb is representing my cause! Come on guys, it’s time — let’s “neuter” our ties with Dita!


  • Brookie

    Agreed. Yeah she’s pretty but it was a poor choice to hire her.

  • Alan

    Nothing out there as weird as PETA and their extremist perspective on everything with four legs.

  • herwin

    its very questionable to hire and use famous people who are in fact extreme animal abusers such as Dita. Any idiot (like me) can Google and find disgusting and revealing pics of her, wearing Fox Fur and Mink Fur and posing with all kind of stuffed dead animals.
    that Peta shows outrage that she eats Foi Grass is absurd.
    the Big Q. is of course, who is a “hypocrite”, that lowlife “bee ai tee see age” Dita for earning some cash (from your and mine donatiosn,yuk!!!) and polishing her image for posing for a “good cause”, or Peta for hiring the enemy and trying to get away with it and getting angry cuz she eats Foi Grass.
    Personally i am a bit dissapointed for choiches like this, for choosing “integrety” and “veggie-ness” over “famous people”.

  • herwin

    i would like to rewrite the last sentence : i am totally PISSED and OUTRAGED that PETA has made such a decision and hires such a fur wearing scum while they are FULLY aware of this. Its a slap in the face of ordinary people who are campaigning against fur.’scuse me for not being FAMOUS.

  • herwin

    and how can PETA harass famous people like Beyonce and Lopez (very good,keep on harrassing them !) but at the same time hire a fur scum just because she is “sexy and famous” ?
    its very dificult not to use the word hypocrite… ;_;