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April is the month where everyone dusts off the green themes from last year and updates them with what’s current and snazzy. Oprah traditionally throws an eco-friendly show into the mix, as does Martha Stewart. This year, we have Regis and Kelly giving us five days of crazy green. Starting next week, you’ll either suffer or delight in the following:

Monday: Recycling tips from Real Simple magazine’s Kristin Van Ogtrop
Tuesday: Author David Bach previews his new book “Go Green, Live Rich”
Wednesday: Green driving! Oooh!
Thursday: How to reduce your carbon footprint with Domino magazine’s Chassie Post
Friday: New York Times contributor John Quain who will share eco-friendly tech ideas

Personally, I think they should have started the entire series with “Green Drinks: Eco-friendly spirits to get you through the week!” but I guess Gary Busey was busy or something.

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  • jeneflower

    It will be interesting to see what they say. I tend to be skeptical of the Hollywood version of green living.