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On the set of her new film Superhero Movie, Pamela Anderson refused to work with her canine co-star because she believes training dogs to work on films is wrong. The action was not surprising as PETA has long been against the use of animals in films. Anderson is an avid supporter of the organization. From the article,

“I’m told she refused to act opposite the canine, because PETA doesn’t support using real animals in moviemaking. ‘Pam left the set and went for a walk,’ a source reports. ‘She needed a time out. She was that upset.’ In the scene, Anderson’s Invisible Girl superhero character calls for her Invisible Dog. The four-legged friend becomes visible just as it jumps into her arms.”

Apparently, the director got around the issue by editing different scenes together to make it look like Anderson and the dog were in the same scene.

I guess I always thought that dogs were treated well on film sets. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been pushing to have my golden lab, Otago, featured for a couple million in the next Transformers sequel. She’s well behaved, in shape, and recently completed rehab. Her promotional photo is below.

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  • Loli

    I have a friend who has her dogs (who happen to both be rescue dogs) in a couple movies and in commercials… in her experience the dogs are spoiled rotten and often treated better than much of the film crew! :)

    PETA has a questionable stance on pet ownership so I’m not surprised that this is another issue.

  • Citynature

    This is completely ridiculous – and why is it always that people who treat themselves like crap do think that ANYONE would look up to them as role models for treating animals well???
    the relationship between man and dog originated as a partnership where this two species worked together. it is animal cruelty to have a dog for your own enjoyment – as another accessory in your life! dogs need to be activated mentally to thrive at all, and that’s why dog training is a brilliant option for having a healthy dog.
    trained dogs in movies are positive role models for all dog owners all over the world!
    why didn’t they edit out Pamela of the movie instead…
    and what the hell?: PETA doesn’t support real animals in movie making – what’s next -advocating for an AIBO as a pet instead of a real dog???
    seriously – why don’t they all just plug themselves into a matrix online world where they can live in a disneyfied fantasy world where natural things like predation and species cooperation don’t exist like they obviously do in the REAL world!

  • catgirl72

    Unfortunately Hollywood has some pretty ugly history pertaining to the treatment of animals on a movie set – hence the creation of the American Humane Association. However, I think PETA is extreme in their views and Pamela Anderson is being ridiculous.

  • Kira

    Ummm… I think you all need to wake up to the fact that not all animal “actors” are treated well. Google Snow Buddies puppy deaths (an airbud movie). They took the puppies away from their mother before they were weaned and shipped. Upon arrival all were sick, ~15, and two had to be euthanized.

  • Brookie

    Pam may be a ‘tard but I agree with her. I wouldn’t be comfortable working with a dog. Animals aren’t here to amuse us with tricks people teach them. Look at the circus.

  • RemyC

    PeTA may have started with its heart in the right place, but over the years, and lavish donations from the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (who also fund Exelon educational projects… they own and operate nuclear reactors) has fallen way short of the mark when it comes to actual animal liberation! PeTA didn’t even squeak when Rockefeller’s prize winning hog Boris, which his Stone Barns organic farm promised was too old to slaughter, turned up as sausage meat. It’s sad that the most beautiful women on earth, for some strange reason, like Bardot and Pam… spiral downward into an abyss of identification with animal pain, which isolates them so much from human suffering, they lose sight of what’s really important in this world.

  • Kristen

    I would totally hire Otago! You know, if I did anything that required the hiring of pooches. She’s beautiful!

  • jenni

    you notice that she took the money for making the film that included an animal…that wasn’t a problem for her. you’d think she would have refused to be in the film period! she is such a fake and so is PETA!

  • Antonio

    In reply to RemyC’s comment: how can you call identification with animal pain ‘a downward spiral’? I don’t know of any human group that gets systematically snatched away from their mothers after three days, shipped away and kept in the dark for 16 weeks before being slaughtered. And this is just one example. You can’t even begin to compare human suffering with animal suffering because what animals go through in human hands is beyond atrocious. So when people identify with animal pain they are simply being more compassionate than the average person. A quick question: are you doing your bit to fight human suffering?

  • Laura

    Many dogs are rescued from kill shelters to become service dogs. loss of sight loss of hearing etc.. Most domesticated animals love their human families. The sad truth is human greed and lack of empathy change that. PETA is still the voice of animals who are abused and neglected for they have no voice of their own.

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