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We’ve busted Mary J. Blige before for her fur-wearing ways, and now we’re back again after comments she made regarding her over-the-top shoe collection.

Mary recently said: “My biggest fashion weakness is definitely shoes. My favourites are some Chloe wedges. I have around 1,000 pairs.”

Mary goes on to reveal she has an entire closet devoted just to shoes. I’m sorry…WHAT?!!!! 1,000 pairs!!! A whole closet??? Technically, that means Mary could wear a different pair everyday for almost 3 years!

Here’s what I think: I think she should visit and donate some of the those high tops to a few people in need. Share the wealth Mary, share the wealth.

  • Michelle

    I wish you all report on how she gives away millions of dollars to various charities and not focus on her splurges. I’m sure you all aren’t as ‘green’ as you claim to be.

  • Nufsed

    Give me a break! Almost every women in America cant resist a nice pair of shoes, or a nice purse. What is the point of this story. IF its about her money, you need to dig a little deeper Mary has been envolved in several charities including the Viva Glam for MAC benefit!

  • Pattie

    Thank you for the posting! Mary J. Blige does alot of great charitable work and should be commended. Soles4Souls is a great charitable organization that does nothing but collect shoes and give shoes to disaster relief and the less fortunate. Soles4Souls has given over 300 million pairs of shoes since its inception and has changed the lives of many. There are over 1.5 billion pairs that lay idle in American’s closets. Soles4Souls just asks that you clean out your closet and help to “Change the World One Pair at a Time”. Visit the site and see what wonderful work they are doing! Love your music Mary!

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  • leanna

    hey this is so retarded! im agirl and i love shoes but thats to much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • hannahmontanarox

    I think she should be able to have as many shoes as she wants as long as she’s using them. She should donate unused shoes to charities.

  • Mark Gaaserud

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