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Continuing our efforts to cover all things green (remember that story about Weeds getting some eco-packaging?), we present to you the latest entertainment news concerning the world’s favorite illegal substance.

This one is hilarious. And you don’t even need to be high to enjoy it.

Apparently, there is a new strain of medical marijuana out there being marketed as “Tom Cruise Purple“. Why the dubious honor? The weed is reportedly so potent that it causes you to see things that aren’t really there. We all know Tom is heavy into the Scientology side of things — so we’re thinking this is probably where the joke is being directed. Of course, the actor isn’t backing the moniker — especially with his past objections to psychotropic drugs — and is getting his legal team into action. From the article,

“Word is that the actor’s lawyers are taking a serious look at the strong brand of bud after we brought it to their attention. One of Cruise’s friends found it ‘outrageous’ that licensed cannabis clubs in Northern California are selling vials of pot featuring a picture of Cruise laughing hysterically.

Staffers at several California clinics we called said they were forbidden to discuss any of the herbal varieties in their ‘inventory.’ But one weed devotee said, ‘I heard it’s the kind of pot that makes you hallucinate.'”

Awesome. We really hope Kevin Nealon’s character gets an opportunity to sample this fine bud on the next season of Weeds. And Tom? Chill out man — it’s all good.

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  • Midgrade

    This is funny as hell.

    Strange as it seems I can not even imagine him smoking god’s gift to man like an enlightened person should.

  • Danny K

    I could understand Tom’s lawyers wanting to protect his name, as a tarnished name could cost Tom money with future lost movie roles. But what I don’t get is why the lawyers are even bothering, the drug can’t hurt Tom Cruises name because his name isn’t worth anything these days.

  • j3k

    <3 people with a sense of humour!
    </3 TC

  • Angela Gupta Nina Reyes07 Bruce Benson

    I’m not a Scientologist but I bet it could help the people who are attacking it with their crimes.

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  • Fern

    You get bonus points for posting this post at 4:20pm! Nice.

  • marc

    Angela, why are scientologists so obsessed with the crimes of others when the “church” has so many of it’s own?
    Why don’t they understand that the more they whine about being picked on, the more people are going to want to pick on them? Nobody is EVER going to take sci-freaks seriously if they run off crying to a lawyer anytime somebody says something them don’t like. Any cult that brainwashes the sense of humor away needs to GTFO NAO!

  • Blammo

    Men in the ads ?
    I guise you could hde “it” with a banana peel.LOL

  • Tom

    I think its specious at best to conflate Tom Cruise’s scientology with his lawyer’s attempts to remove his likeness from marijuana packaging. I would be willing to bet anything that anyone who is not/does not want to be associated with illegal substances would not want to be seen as ‘promoting’ such activities, scientologist or not.

    But if Cruise’s lawyers are concerned with Tom’s image, then perhaps they should keep him from appearing on anything! Every time the guy shows up, he makes a bigger fool of himself. Kinda like Bill Clinton.

  • gigohead

    But TC does whine everytime anybody makes a joke about him – ever hear of the boy who cried wolf? If somebody started doing actual (as opposed to fabricated) crimes against him, nobody would care, because him’s always shtompin him’s widdle feet. And his $cieno buddies are tossed in with that dynamic too, lest I make myself unclear. All whiners. Inappropriate reactions to minor gossip offenses. weh!


    I have a new condom for sale called THE TOM CRUISE hope it dont make him mad but its just for LITTLE PRICKS

  • Jack

    The Cruise does not abide.

  • The Baldchemist

    Cruise’s lawyers looking into it eh? I guess their regular supplier isn’t producing good enough stuff.

  • Medicalbud

    Cool I just ran out now I got to go to one of the 48 clubs in SF.I’m sure Ill find it here too.

  • BillinDetroit

    I do not – repeat, DO NOT – like Tom Cruise. But I wouldn’t want my likeness or name associated with that drug either.

  • oakling

    hee! “little pricks.”

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  • Venin

    Weed doesn’t make you Hallucinate. I doubt that stuff is any more potent then what’s already out there.

    If pot makes you Hallucinate.. There’s something else in it.

  • mooster

    I wouldn’t want my name associated with marijuana either. I don’t need cops knocking on my door while I’m puffing…

  • http://sdgf Logo

    I want some Gary Busey shit

  • MeBabes

    This isn’t funny or interesting.

    Who cares about Tom Cruise or his Scientology?

    Is anyone other than 5-6 people following this trial or tribulation?

    I would like to see them in their native habitat, and then open the blinds as I point at the big world.

    I do like some of his movies though, but that’s where my actor obsession ends.

  • Cyclonus

    LOL this is great wonder there will be a Gary Busey Blue next.

  • Agaliarept

    Why is it socially acceptable to bash Scientology, yet the Christians can prance about their merry way unless they do something extremely psycho? Regardless of what religion a person has, it’s still religion, ergo they still need to be kicked out of the gene pool. As for teasing others, it’s a bad habit that particularly unintelligent people pick up to feel better about themselves. Nothing is definite. Fact is nothing more than consistent human speculation. Anything is possible.

  • root

    whoever said that marijuana doesn’t cause you to hallucinate is fucking ignorant. While weed certainly exhibits traits of all drug classifications, it seems to lean MOST towards hallucinogen/psychedelic.

  • Chris Ronk

    The should call it Tom Cruise Purple Monster or maybe Tom Cruise Purple Trouser Snake.

    Toke on that… hey weird…. no, not you… me. Cough!

  • Ahnee

    You’ve had that moment, when someone near you says something so retarded, you just wish you had the same bud they were smoking on.
    Well folks, your problems are solved!
    It’s TCB-Tom Cruise buds!
    Ever wonder about some of the goofy shit that comes outta TC’s mouth?, well don’t think about it(or anything else) anymore.
    Simply light up a doob of TCB and get a bib to catch the drool. Yes, you too will soon be able to understand the true meaning behind Scientology!!

    (TCB will also give some insight into the Bush-Cheney war strategy)

    *Warning: after smoking TCB your close friends and family may think you’ve finally lost what little sense you had left, and commit you to a mental health ward*

  • Phil E. Drifter

    What’s really funny is that his birth name wasn’t Tom Cruise. 99% of American actors have had their names changed to something more ‘paparazzi friendly.’ It’s like naming my son Roger Waters. Just because there’s a famous musician named Roger Waters (Pink Floyd, in case you didn’t know) doesn’t give him exclusive rights to the name.

  • Phil E. Drifter

    Tom Cruise = Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

  • Phil E. Drifter
  • Jimmy Johnson

    How do you sue over a made up name? It’s like suing for the rights to your own nickname.

    Tom Cruise has always been, and will to continue to be, a first class chump.

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  • Robyn

    Scientologists have no sense of humor.

    Q: How many scientologists does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: Only one–AND IT’S NOT FUNNY!

    Then again, considering their history with critics, maybe that should be “How many scientologists does it take to put in a critic’s mailbox so it will bite him and killl him?”