The Hollywood Office of the HSUS celebrated its annual Genesis Awards last weekend in Beverly Hills, and a host of stars showed their support for our animal friends. The event was a gorgeous night of reverence, eco-consciousness, and in true Hollywood style, glamour! As HSUS President Wayne Pacelle reminded us, the Awards were to honor people using their talents to raise attention to animal abuse and cruelty, because without awareness, there can be no action.

Amongst the attendees was Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa who was extremely proud to be supporting the HSUS and of the fact that LA has the lowest no-kill rate in America and has just signed into law the toughest spay and neuter program in the US. Way to go, LA! Wendie Malick was her usual brilliant self and talked about living solar-powered in the country with horses, dogs and a cat, whilst still loving to get glammed up. She likes to shovel poop and then go party in the city! Constance Marie was a vision of loveliness, and is a true eco-girl (there’s nothing she doesn’t know!), animal lover, and walking example of why to go vegan.

James Cromwell, another vegan, thought we could all learn a thing or two about living and being from our animal friends, whilst Esai Morales, an environmentalist for 20 years and founding board member of ECO, barked us a message from his dog Frankie! Another celeb big on animal impressions was Hal Sparks with what he called a cross between a porpoise and a sheep! Hal and his girl are pescatarians who are building an environmentally friendly home and have banned leather from their life! Bill Maher arrived fashionably late and last, and would have loved to talk to us if not for the over-zealous pr girl pushing him up the red carpet! Other attendees were Emily Deschanel, Tony Denison, Kate Flannery, Linda Cardellini, Katie Cleary, and Elaine Hendrix. There were also young rising eco stars of the future, Nicole Lapin, Rob Stewart, and Dominic Scott Kay who are all devoting their lives and careers to making a difference. Definitely three to watch out for!

Even in the absence of Hayden Panettiere (who showed up much later after attending the Nickelodeon Awards that same evening), it was an impressive turnout with the big conversation of the night being about being vegan and taking a stand against animal cruelty, factory farming methods, and the effects of methane on the environment. And if the celebs on the red carpet were any indication, particularly the girls, being vegan is definitely the way to go!

[Editor's Note: This post comes to us from our new field reporter in LA, Anna Griffin. Anna and her cameraman Chris also shot interviews from the red carpet and we'll be getting those up shortly.]

  • Ed Muzika

    Re Villaraigosa and LA Animal Services.

    LA is nowhere near No-Kill and Villaraigosa knows it.

    The LA Animal Community has been after him to fire the current Animal Services director because of the very slow progress LA is making towards no-kill.

    The kill rate at LAAS is about 40%. No kill is generally accepted to mean about 10% are killed. LAAS has 4 times the no-kill rate.

    Last year LA killed almost 16,000 out of the 46,000 dogs and cats imounded. Does 16,000 killed sound like no kill?

  • Vegan Festival

    In the UK we are getting very excited about The Vegan Fayre in Bristol Harbour on the 31st May and the 1st June. This year both National Vegetarian Week and National BBQ week is being celebrated. As well as the usual eating and buying opportunities for innovative new products there is an great range of entertainment and an impressive line up of live bands to get jiggy jiggy with.

  • Tracy

    Congrtulations Ecorazzi!!!
    Can’t wait for more updates in the future.
    Especially good work to Editor and Chief
    Anna Griffin for her passion.

  • Pleasant Wayne

    YAY for ANNA – You go Green Mama!

  • Scott C

    Villa-gross-o gets an award for “having the lowest no-kill rate in America” is a G– Da– lie, and no where could anyone find the documentation to prove it!
    Boks is cooking the books in there to make the kill-rate look lower than it is, when in reality they both are using taxpayer dollars for their own agendas – including sexual advances with colleagues!

  • Tia

    What a joke LA having the most successful no-kill in America, yeah right. The mayor of this city could care less about animals anywhere let alone in the 6 death camp shelters here. He promised or should I say lied to the animal community before being elected that he would hire Nathan Winograd of “No Kill Solutions” to change the shelter system in Los Angeles, well guess what he never did, instead he hired Ed Boks, whom was fired from his position as General Manager of Animal Services for New York City.

    In the future please make sure that what you are putting on your website is factual, especially when it comes to animals.

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