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“I hate them all, even though I’m vegetarian. I basically eat pasta every day. How can something taste good that’s green.”

– Actress/Performer Miley Cyrus on getting enough veggies.

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  • maddison

    i bet you she’d like them if they were organic!

  • Beth

    That is exactly how I am :)
    Vegetarian but don’t eat vegetables.
    The reasons for been a vegetarian are quite obvious and I agree vegetables are rank.

  • Courtney

    I was the same way to!! My dad never gave me a hard to time for being a veggies, only for being one that doesn’t like vegetables haha.
    Yay to vegetarians that don’t like vegetables!
    I’ve gotten a lot better over the last few years though, I think it all just comes with time and finding what you like =)

  • Katy

    Sister! You won’t have gorgeous skin for long on a pasta diet. Learn to love your dark leafy greens.

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  • Pam

    I’m a vegetarian who loves her vegetables.
    Miley your not a veggie if you eat pasta everyday.
    Being a vegetarian means you care about your health.

    • Haleigh

      That’s not necessarily true. My boyfriend and I are both vegetarians, I love veggies and he survives on cliff bars and tortellini. He is not a vegetarian for his health (although he does like the benefits of vegetarian living and is trying to follow a healthier way of eating), but because of the American farming industry and animal cruelty. I have a lot of friends who are vegetarian for the same reasons. Therefore vegetarianism is not equivalent to health, and everyone has their own personal reason for going veg.

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  • Nicole

    I learned to like new vegetables when I decided to become a vegetarian.

    I agree, the reasons for becoming vegetarian are obvious (like, raising livestock being the #1 cause of global warming per the UN).

    I just throw my dark leafy greens in a blender with bananas and other delicious fruits like berries and oranges and drink it all! Makes it easy!

  • LongWu

    Coincidentally I know of two other girls who live their entire lives eating only meat.

    Nice to know a third one. I now wonder if I did the right thing by getting her DS game.

    Like Nicole, I do enjoy myself living within a diet consisting of just vegetables, doufu, potatoes, fruits and nuts.

    Yes, vegetables are life too, but their suffering is still less than compared to that of animals (who have to be dragged into the slaughterhouses first to end up on our dinner table).

    And I do also find that meat sometimes comes with an odor that is unbearable.

    • Dabbler

      Vegetables still suffer, but “their suffering is less”…ugh I’m not a troll but I know that its phrases like this that cause people to blink when they hear “I’m a vegetarian” just like people stagger a bit when they hear “I’m a Mormon” or “Isn’t Sarah Palin like the smartest woman EVER?”

      There is convincing evidence that people, if they sustain certain damage to their central nervous system, can no longer experience consciousness. Ironically they are often called “vegetables”. Vegetables however have no central nervous system. Vegetables do not have any known mechanism for even knowing they have been plucked from the ground. They do not suffer when they are harvested. If you believe that they do, then the onus is on you to demonstrate this biologically. A hundred years of biology has failed to discover this, so good luck to you.

      I have a certain limited respect for people who process information with their feelings. Its not the way I usually process information, but I think it makes a good “check and balance” or perhaps “sanity check” is a better phrase, for processing ideas using simple cold calculation. However, this is a prime example of someone who needs to dabble in a bit of logic to go with that feeling-oriented argumentation. Feel bad about harvesting plants if you wish, its a free country. But vegetarianism is greatly disserved when it is marginalized with wacko-talk.

      IMO, the best way to promote vegetarianism would be to promote a lifestyle with “less meat”, and let people see for themselves if there are health benefits, and eliminate the guilt trip which causes so many to reject it as a gut reaction. Start talking about how vegetables suffer and you’ll spark studies wondering if vegetarians need more protein in their diet to process ideas.


  • LongWu

    Also, a self-proclaimed vegetarian who hates vegetables and hardly eats them cannot truly qualify as a vegetarian.

    Pasta may contain eggs which are for the most part, also forms of animal life.

    • ThatGirl

      You do know that vegetarians can eat eggs, cheese etc? They just don’t eat dead animals or flesh etc. You are thinking of a Vegan. Vegans are the ones that don’t eat any animal by products not a vegetarian.

    • Michael

      Most pasta nowadays has no eggs in it. Egg noodles tend to be more expensive anyway.

      Note: A lot of cheap pasta will say “may contain traces of eggs”, but that’s just so they don’t get sued if someone has a deathly allergy. Buying the pasta will only increase the demand for wheat, not eggs.

  • neenee.

    i’m a vegetarian :)
    but i <3 veggiezzzz.

  • http://icarly ashley

    i’m a vegetarian 2 it is not that hard

  • Rhianna

    I’m a vegetarian. I learned to love veggies. Miley’s just doing it for the publicity. Pshh, she just wants to look hippyish because she thinks its cool. Lameee.

  • gabi

    im a vegetarian too :]
    i wish selena gomez and demi lovato were bc their my idols!
    that would be sick if they were!
    anyone agree?!?!
    at least their going green and realize the global warming problem!

  • ali

    Well I’ve seen too many pictures of celebrities claiming their vegetarian (hayden panetierre and miley cyrus) yet they carry around designer leather bags and shoes. does chanel not make purses out lambskin anymore?

  • Lilly

    Im vegeterian and im only 11. Miley may not be one because vegeterians complained to mcdonalds that thier fries had beef extract. im not sure if its still in the fries but i do know that miley eats alot of them!LOL!

  • Heather

    You can be a vegetarian without liking veggies. A lot of vegetarians each foods that contain animal products like cheese, bread, or ice cream. It’s the VEGANS that don’t use any animal products.

    I’m not sure why everyone’s convinced she’s only groping for attention.

  • hi!!!

    As far as i’m concerned, she’s not a vegetarian. Anyone who eats at McDonalds is not a vegetarian unless their unaware of all the animal extracts in the fries. I’m not a vegetarian, but i think that this is just ridiculous. Eating carbs all day long will result in malnutrition, Miley. When your hair and nails get brittle and your skin is all gross, you’ll know what i mean. She’s just saying stupid stuff like that to seem different and unique.

    Plz no burns for not being a veggie :) It’s just my lifestyle…

  • Colleen

    she isn’t even vegetarian.

    she said in an interview her favorite food was shrimp, but “that’s the only meat” miss miley eats.

    and it’s people like her that confuse people about the true meaning of vegetarianism! it’s people like her that are the reason I have to answer dumbass questions like “do you eat fish and chicken?”

    and come on…

    let’s put the VEG back in VEGetarianism

    (and vegans kick ass)

  • Miley FAn

    Im a parcial Vegetarian. i eat meat only 2 times a week. bcuz tacos and hamburger helper have meat in it. and we have 2 eat meat on sundays. or else we have pasta. but im totally up for vegetarians!!! i LOVE veggies. their great. try them!

    • Haleigh

      you’re either a vegetarian or you’re not. if you eat any meat at all(even if only once a week), you are an omnivore.

    • Alessandra

      you hate to what? you HAVE to eat meat on sundays? i respect every religion, but i invite you to make yourself this question: what religion can say to me to kill someone for any reason?
      and: if there’s a god, would he, from his spiritual highness, teach us to sacrifice a life?
      i think he would do the opposite, cause the basis of any religion is to have respect of life, and even if not explicitly stated, the more complete and consistent version is: have respect of EVERY KIND of life!
      note: see antispecisism

  • butthead

    she just needs to shut the flipers up that fake biach how can you be

  • Kerry

    I Am A Vegetarian That Isnt A Big Fan Of Veg I Try To Eat Them Bit They Do Make Me Gag. I Love Pasta And Rice And Pizza So I Mostly Eat Them With Either Quorn Meat Or Another Substitute For Meat.

  • AllOfThatSweetness

    Yawn. POSER.

  • melissah

    Yes well…not eating meat is not an excuse to call yourself a vegetarian.

    What a moron!

    I cant believe people support their children in having Miley Cyrus as a role model.

    This is the most unhealthy and uneducated statement ive heard in a while.

  • Kristen

    Melissah i tottally agree shes a terrible role model. When you have millions of kids looking up to you (for reasons i dont understand why. I’ve never liked her singing or acting.) you should be telling them you eat well… Whats her problem?

  • shaena

    dont hate miley because you dont know her! she’s a better rolemodel you’ll ever be kristen & melissah, so just get to know the real outgoing her mkay hunns =]]

    • Anon

      …and you know her personally? moron.

  • Jade

    You don’t have to eat vegetables to be a vegetarian you know. If you are vegetarian, you were either brought up that way, or you are vegetarian because you don’t like eating an animal that once lived. I’m a vegetarian.

  • Kate

    I am a vegetarian who doesn’t like vegetables. It’s unhealthy, but I eat tons of fruit. I am also a picky eater and I don’t think i’m getting enough protein. That’s not going to make me start eating meat again. Vegetarians usually don’t eat fast food at all, I don’t for sure.

  • Carly

    I’m a vegetarian and I eat vegetables.
    As far as I’m concerned Miley Cyrus is not a vegetarian if u only eat pasta every day your not getting much protein in your diet and the whole point in being a vegetarian is that you care about your health and animals.

  • Lucy

    Why did Miley say she’s a Vegetarian if she eats meat?

  • sara

    Technically, she isn’t a vegetarian if she doesn’t eat veggies. But it is still good to try and not eat meat-slaughtering animals is wrong!

  • Becky

    There’s alot of veggie meat out there. Some are pretty good! Meat eaters should try them too.

  • Marii

    Being vegetarian does NOT mean you care about your health solely.
    People practice vegetarianism for different reasons. Maybe you do it for health, but most do it for the sake of the animals health. Including myself.

  • Liang

    Vegetarian is just the term for people who dont eat meat. She’s still classified as ‘vegetarian’.

    She’s doing it for her own beliefs, not for the sake of attention. Why are people so quick to judge her if they dont know the answer themselves?

    It’s nothing to do with caring about your health or being a ‘good’ role model either. Vegetarians do it because they think it its cruel to slaughter animals for their meat. And I do honestly believe vegetarian celebrities are setting a good example.

  • jodie barnett

    on a recent gmtv interview she said her favorite food was chicken and dumplings so shes not a vedgetarian any more xx

  • Shyamalii

    Mley is a ”petovegetarian”, someone who eats fish products, like me.
    But I wish she would not have bought
    that crocodile bag!
    That’s really sad. :(

  • colesprousee

    I am vegie
    i have never eaten meat my whole life
    it isnt hrd
    its just what i believe in

    • David

      Well if you have never eaten meat your whole life, then it means it was what your parents believed because you really had no sayso or understanding when you where a toddler.

  • Meghan

    okay reallly im a vedgetarian and i dont like any vegitables either, i think a vedgetarian is caring about animals and eating them which means no meat, if she wants to eat pasta, let her eat pasta, you guys are all jsut making a big deal out of it because she is a movie star, big deal.

  • Meghan

    okay i just left a comment and i ment to say it all about caring for animals and NOT eating them,


  • Brenda

    I’m a vegetarian… it’s a wonder I’m walking around still. I do not like vegetables. (Except the occasional salad- lettuce and cheese only, with dressing. Carrots are okay sometimes as well.) So basically whenever I go out for dinner I get something with no meat or tomato. I despise tofu and beans. But I don’t have any medical problems so something’s going good. :)

    And Shyamalii, that is a pescetarian.

  • Alessandra

    well, i can’t understand how she can eat pasta everyday without vegetables: sauces for pasta are made with them!
    and also, there’s so many cereals you could eat as a first course, like all kind of rices, spelt, barley, cous cous, millet…!
    anyway, she could get a better diet, adding much fruit and a iron-vit b12 dietary supplement(vegan, that is 100% of plant origin).