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Steve Martin once said while hosting the Academy Awards in 2005, “I love welcoming the young stars to show business because it reminds me of my own death.”

Not that Knut the famous climate change polar bear needs to be thinking about his own mortality at such a young age, but the competition is certainly stepping up to the plate — and if the Nuremberg Zoo has anything to say about it, his best days are long past. From the article,

Flocke, born Dec. 11 and then rejected by her mother, made her public debut at the Nuremberg zoo just as interest in the Berlin zoo’s now fully grown polar bear sensation, Knut, seems to be waning. Aware of Knut’s star power, the zoo quickly set up its own polar bear cub Web site with regular updates — Flocke is a girl; Flocke’s eyes open; Flocke learns to swim; Flocke walks on grass, for example — accompanied with photos and video for her adoring fans.”

The Nuremberg Zoo is also stepping up attacks on Knut with posters advertising the new cub coming with the headline “Knut was yesterday.” Oh, snap!

Additionally, they have plans to make Flocke the new symbol of climate change. Said Zoo director Dag Encke, “Flocke is no more a polar bear, but Flocke is not a person — Flocke is an obligation, or a window into an obligation.”

Others believe Flocke will do well, but are quick to remind who came first. “Knut has the advantage of being a media star: He was the first,” said teacher Ulrike Robel who had taken her class to see the 330 pound bear. “Flocke is sweet, but she’s No. 2. I think that matters.”

As we mentioned on April 1st, Knut’s going to work hard to improve his game — and stave off the competition. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping an eye on Flocke.

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  • Sharlene


    Word from the international polar bear paparazzi and others close to the chunky climate change icon is that Knut is not willing to fade into the Berlin sunset without a fight.
    Even as ambitious zoo officials are thrusting young pretenders Flocke and Wilbaer into the spotlight, Knut has been huddled with top notch image specialists drawing up his “come back” strategy. He has issued a public apology for his recent carp attack meltdown which he claimed was brought on by public pressure to resurrect his innocent “cute and cuddly” image. He has also expressed his regret to the families of the murdered carps asking for their forgiveness.
    Knut’s good friend, the white tiger Manticor, who made headlines in 2005 for his own poor judgement and shocking behaviour while on stage, defended the polar bear’s predatory instincts as “unnatural” and speculates that he may seek psychiatric help from Dr Phil to overcome this mental disorder.
    There is also speculation that Knut may have sought an audience with the Dalai Lama on how to sublimate his “animal tendencies” in order to become a vegetarian.
    He has hired a personal life coach and has already lost 20 pounds in his goal towards a more trimmer showbiz-type figure. Regular teeth and fur whitening is now part of his weekly regimen. Knut’s romps in the mud and yellowish fur has been a source of much criticism from white polar bear purists who have been accusing him of “growing up” and losing interest in his physical appearance. One fur stylist/groomer has recommended regular fur whitening with silver highlights as way to go for Knut.
    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are also taking a closer look at this polar bear “whiteness preference” in relation to its impact on brown and darker-hued bears such as Tunk in Italy.
    In related news, Wilbaer the other young polar bear that is expected to make headlines in May with his first public appearance, has been carefully stage-trained in by his mother Corinna.
    The aging and ambitious Corinna, who is well aware of the benefits to be enjoyed by being the mother of a young superstar, has been keeping a beady eye on Flocke and Knut’s “come back” plans.