Rachel Bilson has joined up with a whole bunch of other celebrities to get Americans drying clothes on the line — and saving cash and energy at the same time. The campaign comes from Hills, an iconic Australian brand of clothes lines.

According to their release, the use of clothes lines and drying racks in the U.S. has declined steadily since the 1950s as adoption of appliances went mainstream. This has led to the drier becoming the the largest energy sucker in American home next to the refrigerator.

Other celebrities lending their support include Matt Rhys, Olivia Newton-John, Kimberly Joseph, Dannii Minogue, Amanda Detmer, Radha Mitchell, and Melissa George. Said Lost’s Kimberly Joseph, “I grew up in Australia helping Mum hang washing out to dry on the Hills Hoist (and going for the odd swing as well)…nothing like the smell of sun dried t-shirts and linen. With great weather being the #1 draw card here in Los Angeles, clothes dryers should be a thing of the past. Bring on the Hills Hoist, I say!!”

Spring is here! Get your clothes outside!

You can check out the official campaign website here — but keep in mind that things won’t truly be going live until the end of next week.

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  • jenni

    I think this is great esp. for everyone who has a maid who can do this for them. Good start!

  • Kate

    This is awesome! I live in Texas and try to hang out sheets, towels, etc- they smell better and have a longer life if you dont subject them to the dryer.

    Adoption of this is an issue- many neighborhood charters prohibit laundry lines if you do not have a privacy fence. It’s a start

  • Chrissy

    Does anyone have any ideas for line-drying while living in an apartment complex? Indoor clothes racks just don’t beat the real thing…

  • Geoff

    Well the thought is nobel, but Hills tried to sell lines in the USA once before in the 90’s and failed. This was due to two reasons, Americans were not so environmentally conscious at the time and the fact that Hills are not Australian made any more and are in fact made in China. Americans do not like Chinese products at all. If Australian clothesline manufacturers are going to be successfull in the American market then the product needs to be Australian made. So why dont all our celebrities get behind good old fashioned Aussie clothesline makers like Austral?