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Ah ha, so the rumors were true. After a brief hiatus from television, Bill Nye the Science Guy is set to host a new television series called Stuff Happens on Discovery’s Planet Green. Here’s a bit from the synopsis:

“STUFF HAPPENS host Emmy® Award-winning Bill Nye (scientist, engineer, comedian, author, and inventor) unlocks the secret lives of everyday things before and after we consume them, and reveals the unintended consequences of all the stuff we take for granted. As each item’s life cycle is investigated and uncovered, Bill shows how simple and easy changes can reduce the environmental cost of things we love.”

We can’t wait.

Also making a return (I haven’t seen this guy since college) is comedian Tom Green in the tentatively titled The Tom Green Project . Apparently, Tom will be hosting the “first game show with a green mission” in a half-hour series set to launch sometime later in the year. The grand prize? Carbon offsets for you and your family!! I kid, I kid.

I’m sure they’ll give away a Suburban or something…

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  • We Are Never Full

    Hell yeah! I’ve been waiting for this day since Bill’s been gone (tear!). As much as I loved him, am I the only one who got a bit of a ‘pedophile’ vibe from him? That was wrong… very, very wrong.

    love this blog.

    amy @

  • Nicky

    I’d hardly call 10 years a “brief hiatus” from TV!

  • roo

    It wasn’t 10 years. “The Eyes of Nye” was made circa 2005… so more like 3 years.

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  • http://Google Ann Smith

    I cannot find the channel or time this program is on.

  • Jeremy and Tameeka

    We’re so glad to see you again Bill!!! We love you and you truly inspire children to learn and have fun while doing so, we grew up watching you!!! My children will definitely be watching

  • Brooke

    i used this channel for extra cedit to make a movie

  • michelle

    I just watched 3 or 4 episodes in a row and absolutely loooove Bill Nye :)