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At the most recent TED conference (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Al Gore presented an updated sequel of sorts to his famous ‘Inconvenient Truth’ slideshow. Previously, that talk was only available to those that attended, but now you can see Gore’s presentation in its entirety below. Some great questions are answered — and skeptics and supporters alike should take 30 minutes to relax and watch this. Enjoy.

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  • Amy

    This is inspiring stuff. I watched it yesterday, and I love all the “hero generation” talk and his closing sentence especially.

  • Emmieb

    1) Solar/wind/etc farms are so much prettier than coal mines.

    2) I just emailed my mayor (Dallas) to find out why we’re not supporting Kyoto

    3)Nice way to sidestep that the current candidates are too silent on the environment.

    I <3 Al Gore.

  • Max Gladwell

    Indeed, the “We Can Solve It” campaign fits nicely into this addendum. I always thought the original lacked much in the way of next steps or a call to action. Those messages are coming thru clearly now.

    Gore is a visionary in two of the areas with which I’m most passionate: social media and green living. His CurrenTV project is one way he is harnessing the power of the social web to make green progress.