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Call me old fashioned, but protesting a person’s decision to wear, sell or design fur products by vandalizing property just ISN’T COOL!! Of course I hate fur as much as the next vegan, but I know better than to grab the nearest can of spray paint every time I get angry.

An animal rights group known as the Paint Panthers launched a full on graffiti attack outside of fashion designer Donna Karan’s New York home. The group sprayed abusive messages on the streets surrounding her Hamptons property- including “Bunny Butcher”, a reference to her use of fur in her creations.

When asked to comment, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — a long-time critic of Karan’s use of fur — denied any knowledge of the attack. However, PETA’s president Ingrid Newkirk said: “If Donna Karan stopped making clothes out of tortured bunnies, we’d be out of her life faster than you can say, ‘Yoga mat’.”

Like I said earlier, FUR SUCKS! Fur is so the opposite of cool I could spit…and I might, but what I won’t do is grab a can of fizzy colors and deface public property to try and prove my point. Come on guys – don’t embarrass the movement.

  • Tracy

    Totally agree with you.

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  • jojo

    get off your pedestal. Who are you to condem people who are fighting to stop suffering and save lives (without hurting anyone mind you)?

  • Jennifer

    jojo, I disagree that no one is getting hurt. True, it’s just defacement to physical property. But Karan and the taxpayers who have to pay for the cleanup are hurt financially, which leads to people resenting not only this kind of action, but by association the movement as a whole, which then causes people to shut themselves off to any kind of thinking about compassion toward animals. The movement has to fight in a way that’s smart and (most importantly) actually EFFECTIVE in changing people’s fur-buying behavior. We can’t deface people just to get anger off our chests or humiliate people, because people don’t respond well to humiliation. I’m not talking from a pedestal, I’m talking from the perspective of one trying to actually make a difference.

  • parrish


    Jojo, we have to look at the problem from a wider lens. What is the goal here? Is it to embarrass Donna Karan enough so that she eventually stops using fur? I don’t really think so. I think the goal is to open the eyes of the world and show them that the fur trade is a brutal and cruel practice that should be banished from the fashion industry.

    By acting out in a public display of disobedience we are only adding to the stereotype that those who support animal rights are angry, aggressive and out of touch. We must win hearts and minds here, not close them off.

    To me a big part of being vegan is the peaceful aspect of it. How can we afford to preach love and kindness and then act in ways so contrary to our message? Simple — we can’t. No, I believe that the only way we will make the world a more loving place is through dignity, respect and leading by example. Getting angry and making a mess will only produce more anger and more mess.

    What the Paint Panthers did was embarrassing to me as a vegan, an environmentalist, but most importantly, as a human being. In “fighting” for what we believe, we must never forget that animal rights is the belief in the sanctity of ALL animal life- including humans.

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  • Reuben

    I’ve gotta go with Jojo here: how can we equate temporary damage to property with profiting off the suffering of animals? Sorry, but there is nothing wrong with a little appropriate anger, as long as you don’t harm anyone in the process of expressing it. (I also have a little trouble with the concept of pity for millionaire Karan and her Hamptons neighbors…). And Parrish? No one was disputing the sanctity of life – this is a little spray paint and a little embarrassment. Which, in my opinion, is MORE than deserved. Karan is smart enough and sophisticated enough to know better; she’s just too uncaring and/or too greedy to stop. Shame on her.

  • parrish

    Reuben- It’s not just the message we’re sending to Karan, but the message we’re sending to society. Can’t we be more creative than spray paint?

  • lily

    you ppl realy should look at this in the animals place. did u know that BABY SEALS ARE BEING KILLED FOR THE FUN IN SPORT AND the fur! i swear y do ppl do this i know its beautfull but i bet is ppl see how the fur is taken off they would neva wear animals fur. ok ya i agree they shouldent spray paint the walls nd stuff but how els are the ganna show their perspection. if i was there i would seriously do worse!


  • leanna

    hey i hate fur and i know most is fake but it is still fur and most fur now is real because the populatioon of our animals is growing rapidlly so it wouldnt matter if it was fake or real every fake thing has at least afew hairs or porsions that are real so it really dosent matter at all so i say NO MORE FUR CLOSES LINES!!!!!!!!!!!!! also i know this is alot to take in but its true

  • Carmen Vj

    Wow! This fur thing is out of control. This is way too over the top.

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  • katy

    I, unfortunately, think extreme measures need to be taken for change. I hope there’s no such thing as reincarnation. I never want to come back to this cruel planet.