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denchWith no James Bond to call upon in real life to fight her battles, Dame Judi Dench is taking to the streets herself in an effort to prevent the British government from building an eco-village near the birthplace of William Shakespeare. The location would be about six miles from Stratford upon-Avon in the heart of the  English countryside. From the article,

‘Stratford is a jewel in the crown of the nation’s heritage. There can be very few places in the world of such cultural significance as the town in which the world’s greatest dramatist lived and worked. It is folly to put this at risk,’ Contactmusic quoted her as saying . ‘I am very concerned about the potential impact the new eco-town will have on the town and its famous theatre,’ she added.”

Dench was quick to add that she is not against the development of eco-villages, just the proposed development of one within close proximity to a national treasure. “The BARD (Better Accessible and Responsible Development) campaign’s message is very clear: yes to eco towns, but not in a location that will devastate a town of such historical and cultural importance,” she said.

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  • Emmieb

    I completely agree, here.

  • Lord Rudi Loehwing

    Dame Judi’s concerns are quite real and quite admirable. Our efforts to quickly comply with popular new measures have often come at great and sometimes fatal expense to existing ecologies and cultural foundations.

    With just a little more forethought and evaluation, popular new measures have their more ideal place and can achieve their goals and objectives without threatening time honored, proven and existing foundations. In this case, one of Britain’s more significant literary and cultural contributions to the World.

    Please take the time to identify locations to test for the success of the eco-village prototypes in more ideal locations.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t know about the proposed site, so will someone please explain why the eco village would wreck Stratford? I understand the concern in theory, but I don’t know why, in concrete terms, people are worried that Stratford will be adversely affected.

  • Remy Chevalier

    Never mind that the whole town of Stratford is considered to be a fake by many historians now convinced the man parading as Shakespeare was in fact an actor fronting for Francis Bacon who couldn’t reveal his true identity as the author of his own popular plays because of the role he played at the court of England. In other words the whole “birth place” of Shakespeare is a fake. Dame Judi, bless her heart, is victim, along with everyone else, of a gigantic fraud perpetuated on the British people, and the world, never dispelled by the royals, for the massive profits the town brings.

  • Jim

    Jennifer is right — so I googled it. You can find the details on under Big Story, “Eco-Town Shortlist Unveiled”. The last 3 paragraphs are about the Stratford site.

    Evidently, the Stratford site will hold 6,000 new homes in an area with no real demand for new housing and inadequate transport. It’s far from definite, however — it’s only one of 15 proposals that will be shortlisted to 10.

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