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Serj Tankian, the frontman for Los Angeles rock band System of a Down, is so serious about reducing his impact on the planet that he’s investigating the use of holograms for virtual concerts. It’s not science fiction — we’ve seen both Al Gore and Prince Charles give lectures at conferences from thousands of miles away while appearing to exist on stage. But the technology may not yet exist to translate that experience in terms of a full-fledged rock performance. From the article,

“‘I’ve had an idea for a long time, which might sound a little crazy, but I really want to look into holographic touring,’ Tankian told Billboard. ‘I think we could reduce our need to travel if we could project ourselves into meetings and concerts. We have the technology, and we’re not using it right now. It would open up a whole new world for touring — shows wouldn’t have to be limited to bars or clubs. There would be no travel costs, so bands with very little money could play shows, and tickets would cost less.'”

Tankian has long been a supporter of the environment — having formed the grassroots organization Axis of Justice with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello. The group rallies musicians and music fans in the quest for peace, human rights and social equity.

Tankian is also quick to draw his inspiration from the people of New Zealand, where he owns a home. He calls the country “ecologically one of the most progressive places on earth.”

But would people really groove to a holographic rock band? Tankian thinks the experience wouldn’t be too different. “After all, it’s not like the audience can touch me, anyway,” he said with a laugh.


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  • matt

    Far out! I’m not that much of a fan of their music, but I’d check out the holographic show.

  • Ryan

    Ok. I will believe it when I see it. I still think the idea is a bit washed up. It’s not the image of the band or just the sound that gets you excited… It’s the live performance. We’ll see. I’m open to new technology and interpretations, but this doesn’t sound good at all to me.

  • Chaos

    Meh, wouldnt be the same thing

  • mat

    I don’t doubt that he said that, whether or no he was serious is another thing. The thing that tipped me off the most was the fact that System of a Down are on an indefinite hiatus. As for the whole idea, I think its a terrible idea. I don’t think i would ever pay to see a hologram of a band playing. People go to shows to SEE the musicians they admire, and maybe even meet them. There are better ways to be green anyway; biodeisel or hydrogen buses and trucks, etc.

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