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Sometimes I wonder if April 1st isn’t everyday in the world of celebrity gossip.

The Golden Compass actress Dakota Blue Richards has been labeled an “inconsiderate yob” after destroying her neighbor’s snowman. The 13-year-old was criticized after the incident occurred near her home in East Sussex, England this week. From the article,

“Abe Restato, a newsagent who helped build the sculptures, was baffled as to why anyone would deliberately destroy his hard work. He says, ‘We put our heart and soul into that snowman. Now I don’t even want her autograph. She went from cool to very uncool in a very short space of time’. And neighbour John Conrad adds, ‘It seems kids today can’t help being inconsiderate yobs even if they are film stars’.”

Yes, because kids today are a lot different than kids of past days. And how does being a film star mean you can’t be a kid? Who hasn’t seen a sandcastle or snowman and wanted to jump into it. They are generally calling cards to kids of all ages to “come and get me”.

I understand that this might have been a bit more of a work of art than your average snowman. But it’s still a snowman. In a neighborhood with families and kids.

It was only a matter of time. Sorry, Frosty.

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  • mai

    u people make it seem like its all her fault ITS NOT SO GO SUCK AN EGG!!! all of u who think she guilty cos guess what SHES NOT!!!! i beleive it when i see it

  • Laura

    Of course she’s guilty, she admitted as much. How you can dismiss so lightly this violent act I don’t know. It’s not normal for children to destroy things, and she’s not 5, she’s 13 for heaven’s sake, so she should know better. How long the snowman would have lasted is a ridiculous counter-argument. Everything goes in time. The point is the community worked hard on the snowman, and it should have been left alone to give more joy to the community. Not destroyed in plain view of the people who built it. She’s an example of everything that’s wrong with youths today. They’re anti-social, unresponsible and never think about anyone else. What if children had built that snowman, and had seen it destroyed? Then you’d think she was a bitch wouldn’t you? So why you think it’s any different for a community building a snowman i don’t know…

  • Caroline

    Maybe they shouldn’t have taken it this far, but she was just being a kid. I’m sure she’s reflected and seen that it was not a good thing to do. Maybe her Lyratic nature just took over, or her friends started doing it and she felt pressure to join in. It would have melted anyway, it’s really not the biggest deal.

  • joeri maruscinec

    i don’t know but is ther proof that she did it. show me a movie where she destroys the snowman and then i will say that she did it.
    and it’s anly a snowman

  • Ella Rosen

    i guess these days they’re just tryin to make stupid things look bigger
    its just a snowman
    she’s the best and she did amazing in the Golden Compass

  • Rosie

    She made a mistake. She admitted it. Why is the press making a big deal over it? I’ve done worse when I was a kid . . . and I’m talking about something that happened over thirty years ago.

    Dakota was simply being a child. And children – whether in the present or the past – make mistakes or act wild every once in a while. It is part of being a child.

  • http://yahoo aditya

    she’s not that guilty, its just a snowman anyway. .
    maybe Lyra has controlled half of her body, but you dont have to be angry like that to her. .
    it would have melted anyway

  • http://??? Erin Rose

    I don’t see why it’s brought up so much, she’s only a child and that’s the kind of thing children do!
    And she isn’t an inconsiderate yob at all because I know her and she isn’t horrible at all!!!
    I can’t believe how much attention such a little thing like knocking over a snowman (which would have melted anyway)has brought up, it’s pathetic

  • mysterius man :D

    rofl. ITS A GOD DAM SNOWMAN. uuuhh my god she destroyed a snowman wich 10000 kids also do! just becaus shes famous from TGC and so, doesnt make a different when u destroy a SNOWMAND

  • :O no name :o

    …. its a snowman…. just becaus shes famous it changes ? nearly ALL kids destroys snowmen and other fragile things. And becaus shes famous, that makes a different ? :) no. besides. ITS A SNOWMAN. it can take 10-20 to make another 1.

  • http://none Kaj

    Does anyone have any real proof that she did this? OR possibly she did it because they impersonated her and she doesn’t want to be publisized… she obviously did it for a reason so let’s not bash her until we know the WHOLE truth!

  • Ray

    They totally didn’t need to take it that far. I mean it’s just a snowman, and not really a remarkable one at that. Sure 13 year old girls shouldn’t go around smashing snowmen, but it’s already done. And just because she’s a star we have to make a big deal about it. I’m sure most kids have smashed a snowman before.

  • Peter

    Who’s the sad bastard publishing this bit of news? Ok, I’ve seen a lot of celeb gossip in my life.. but this one says it all! This story really shows me that this, story writer/publisher/paparazi or who ever the hell it is, probably got sacked 5 minuted before creating this.. I mean come on!! If you want to be famous with your celeb stories then move to america and earn your money with bullshit about Paris Hilton or something..
    Basically you try to show that her way of being is absolutely childish and way off your limits.. I wish I could’ve had a proper conversation with the person creating articles like this.. just to put him/her in it’s place, because face it.. the childish one at the moment is the writer itself.. leave the girl alone and sort yourself out love, cause from this point of view you ****ing suck with your career.. hopefully for your own sake, you’ll notice at some stage of your life?

  • Daniel W

    With all of the thing going on in the world, a smashed snowman doesn’t really need that much media coverage. It was disgraceful behaviour, but I have mever seen something so bizarre in a newspaper.

    Besides, she has done a lot worse things than smashing up a snowman. The other day I saw her walking down the street with some friends all drinking Bacardi Breezers


    Hmm.. I though It was only a SNOWMAN? lol.. this must be a joke <.<

  • http://sanpedrodelloc990684777 emersson reutters sichez

    Dakota is just good fun as a teenager I fell for the better is the most wonderful person I have met and like all sometimes commit mischief. I think it is exciting to break the rules by which I also have done similar things and I agree with it

  • Danny

    ‘She’s an example of everything that’s wrong with youths today.’

    i think thats the most ridiculous thing i’ve heard this year.

    Children will be children. Get over it. No amount of snobby complaining and fussing will ever change that.

  • snowwoman

    its a snowman…

    the horror!

  • Esmé

    OK, so a kid knocked down a snowman. BIG DEAL. She was wrong to do it, but then so were the boys at school who threw wet tissues onto the ceiling of the toilets and school, so were the kids at my school who knocked down the sign on my road, so was I to hit my sister! We are kids, we make mistakes and learn from them! She’s 13, so yes she perhaps knew better, but then all teenagers and children do things they shouldn’t; big deal- her mum told her off and she was asked to apologise to the owner of the snowman. It doesn’t need to be in the news! That’s just humiliating for her.