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Sure some people might have been a little turned off by the whole Iggy thing, but generally Ellen DeGeneres has the reputation of being a great big star with a great big heart.

Infact, Beverly Kaskey, senior director of the Hollywood branch of the Humane Society has just named Ellen one of the best on TV when it comes to raising awareness for animal issues. “Ellen took on the cruelty of hunting, cooking lobsters and even defended small insects,” Kaskey explained to the Fancast Web site.

Lisa Simpson, of The Simpsons is also highlighted for her vegetarianism (which I can’t help but wonder if inspired by Dan Castellaneta – voice of Homer Simpson and long time vegetarian). Kaskey says, “Lisa makes the connection between the lamb chops on her plate and the lamb she had befriended earlier and refuses to eat her dinner.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy that Ellen does all this great stuff for animals, but am I the only one who’s itching to see Ellen join Lisa Simpson and take the veg pledge already?

  • jackie

    stop giving ellen a pass, she messed up. is she evil, no, but she did do the wrong thing and then handled it selfishly. she could have put on her big girl pants owned up to it and done a special show on rescuing fostering, homeless animals etc. Or the seriousness of adopting etc. Instead she made rescue groups look evil and implied that handing off your pet to someone else is ok or preferred when you no longer want it. This is a big part of why atleast 3 million companion pets are euthanized every year in this country. People shuffle pets around to friends, family, strangers, b/c they are no longer conveniet.

  • seint

    give ellen a break. she messed up. So wat? She’s just human. Just coz the rest of us arent freakishly perfect doesnt mean we dont deserve second-chances.

  • katiekoo

    I love Ellen, shes great. I wish more people could be like her, caring about animals.

  • angie

    isn’t ellen vegan?
    her whole wedding was vegan