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If you’re sick of all this Gore speculation, I’m sorry to be bending your ear. Unfortunately, I find it all too amusing and can’t help but share with everyone.

As I mentioned before, Presidential candidate Barack Obama previously said he would consider the idea when asked if Al Gore might be invited to take part in his administration. At a recent Town Hall meeting in Indiana, Obama raised the stakes even further by guaranteeing a offer to the former Vice-President to join his administration. From the article,

“’I can guarantee you that Al Gore will be invited to take part in my administration,’ Obama said, reiterating comments he made a week ago in response to a similar question in Pennsylvania. At both the Indiana and Pennsylvania events, Obama mentioned that he speaks to Gore periodically.”

Of course, Gore has reiterated that he “probably” will not be rejoining the political scene anytime soon. Ok, so he’s actually remained wishy-washy about the entire thing — something which is maddening, but probably wise in terms of playing the field.

We also know that both Clinton and Obama have been wooing Gore incessantly with hopes that his endorsement might seal the deal for the nomination.

Drama, people. Pure drama. But damn, it’s fun.

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  • Paula

    I think that Obama looks and sounds pretty silly guaranteeing Gore or anybody else a cabinet unless it is in his own kitchen. He has not won the Dem nomine and if he does, he will not win the General Election.

  • JM

    Oh please Obama, stop the a^^kissing. It’s getting way too obvious now. Al Gore has much more important things to do than stroke your ego.

  • Jane

    Interesting! It is not the first time Sen. Obama mentions the possibility of enlisting Al Gore’s help… and the former vice-President has not rejected the offer. Something is happening. With Obama and McCain, Mr. Gore would be another decent person involved in the campaign.