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simTelevision journalist and environmental activist Simran Sethi is placing the final touches on a brand new exclusive web series through the Sundance Channel called THE GOOD FIGHT. The show is “is devoted to building awareness for the rapidly growing field of environmental justice” and will include a multi-media mix of webisodes, blogs and podcasts. I swear this woman never sleeps.

But here’s the thing — THE GOOD FIGHT needs your help. Producers are looking for stories of people just like you and me doing their part to help the environment and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle. From the article,

“This is a great opportunity to build awareness for your cause, group or work. But even if you don’t live in Los Angeles don’t despair. The best markers added to the Eco-mmunity Map will be included in THE GOOD FIGHT map marker group. We will be promoting this group throughout the spring and summer and hope that increased awareness of your story will translate into support and real world problem solving.”

“Climate change has no boundaries and we all have a shared stake,” commented Sethi. “THE GOOD FIGHT” is an attempt to illuminate areas people may not have considered in regards to environmentalism, such as water access, architecture and green-collared jobs. We’ve been made aware of saving the whales, saving the trees—we also need to be saving our communities.”

First up for the show is a visit to Greensburg, Kansas — the same town Leonardo DiCaprio is chronicling in the upcoming Planet Green series Greensburg.

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  • Stacey & Brandon Hosheit

    My husband and I had the pleasure of doing an interview with Simran regarding the rebuilding(of green) after the May 4th tornado that hit our town.
    She is truely one of the sweetest and most genuine people I have ever met. I am very honored to say I have met her.
    The work she is doing is amazing!


  • Remy Chevalier

    Stacey, is your town Greensburg? Simran came from Teehugger TV, like most of the folks now involved in Discovery’s Planet Green… Sundance’s The Green vs Discovery’s Planet Green… I’m loving it. And to think that as little as 3 years ago, we couldn’t get arrested trying to launch Tomorrow’s Planet TV… How times have changed, for the greener.

  • stacey

    Yes the town I live in is in fact Greensburg! Amazing things are going on here!

  • Rachel

    Most people don’t know that the same person started Sundance The Green and Discovery Planet Green!

  • ranjeet randhawa

    hey i dont knw simran very well , but i have seen her work on tv , yaa i do appreciate the kinda of effort she i sputting in to make our surroundings better to live , i saw her on oprah shows it was excellent i thnk she does alot of reasearch on thngs before making it to use