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The Coloradoan newspaper is reporting that Matchbox 20 has backed out as the opening act at Cheyenne, Wyo.’s, Frontier Days on July 18 — possibly due to an Illinois-based animal-rights group. No official confirmation has been made, but Steve Hindi, president of Showing Animals Respect & Kindness, or SHARK, says that Matchbox cancelled only after his group provided video footage showing animal abuse at the 2005 and 2007 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeos. Matchbox 20 has remained silent over their reason for the cancellation.

In the past, SHARK has also taken credit for convincing American Idol winner and vegetarian cutie Carrie Underwood to back out of performing at Cheyenne Frontier Days in 2006 after learning of similar animal cruelty accusations. Again, nobody from the Carrie Underwood camp ever confirmed or denied the rumors.

In their defense, The Cheyenne Frontier Days Web site posted this statement: “While care, custody and control of all animals at Cheyenne Frontier Days lies with the owner, Cheyenne Frontier Days does not tolerate, condone, or permit actions that abuse animals.”

They go on to say that they “recognize animals, as well as humans, may be injured in these events. Any injured animal is accorded immediate veterinary medical attention, and is isolated from further harm. Every attempt is made to make injured animals comfortable, and offer them opportunity to recover.”

I mean I know this is just me and all…but the rodeo…seriously?!! It just seems like such a damn waste for all parties involved. Anyway, whether SHARK had anything to do with Matchbox 20’s decision or not, I’m just happy they made the choice to pull out. Yee-Haw!

  • Steve Wilson


    This is all indeed based on videotape that SHARK took in 2005 and 2007 and then provided to MB20.

    The videotape and other information about this cruel and deadly rodeo can be seen at

    Here is MB20’s statement:

    Regrettably, Matchbox Twenty will not be able to perform at Cheyenne Frontier Days on July, 18th. After careful consideration, it was decided that participating in this event would directly contradict the mission statement of SIDEWALK ANGELS FOUNDATION, our non profit organization. The other members of Matchbox Twenty support this decision and while we understand that a great deal of effort went into the planning of this show, and apologize to any and all fans who purchased tickets to see us. We ask that they please understand that it would be impossible for us to put ourselves in the position of making money from what we believe to be the mistreatment of animals.


    Rob and Marisol Thomas and The Sidewalk Angels Foundation

  • William

    Ask Wachovia to stop sponsoring cruel rodeos:

  • Frescura

    Thanks Matchbox Twenty!!! The story of the cancellation continues to spread in the media. SHARK is convening a public Press Conference in Cheyenne, WY this Wednesday. Video footage showing what MB20 calls “mistreatment of animals” will be disseminated as well as recommendations for a more humane rodeo.

    For videos/info, go to:

  • Ranch Girl

    It sickens my heart to see such things, as a person that grew up on ranches and loves the way of life. This is the side of it that gives the rest of the community a bad rap.

    I have to wonder how many of these homes have extremely violent XBOX games (I bet most of them) and then of course the ‘city kids’ where killing humans is acceptable and encouraged to be a member of a ‘gang’.

    If we all took a stand against violence in every area of our lives then we can have reason to judge. Does the owners of Shame on Cheyenne have an XBOX?

    While this in no way shape or form excuses this Rodeo and frankly its really not a reflection of the ‘western way of life’. The rancher really cannot afford to treat his/her animals in such a way… they cost money and should be making the ranch money.

    Its long time the Rodeo takes actions to clean up their act and bring about major changes in how they conduct themselves as this is in now way respectful display of the ranching lifestyle. Its really boring for that matter, rewarding but boring.
    Thanks for getting the word out and let us all be apart of the change in our daily lives as well.

  • Whitney

    First of all for anyone who does not understand the sport of Rodeo I can kind of see what could be viewed as mistreatment. But before y’all start condeming CFD you should know that Rodeo livestock are some of the most spoiled and well cared for animals. They work maybe 15 seconds every two weeks. Most of them are treated as pets, they are well fed with grain and get a nice warm home in the winter. Yes accidents can happen in calf roping but they are few and far between also if a cowboy “pulls back” meaning he yanks the calf too hard he gets a hefty fine. What most people don’t understand is the Cowboys aren’t doing this to hurt the animals they respect them. Calf roping is the compitition version of what happens on every ranch every summer during branding at least where I am from. Matchbox 20 is being ignorant if they think that they will change anything by canceling this show. All they have done is piss off a lot of people who were fans.

  • Jdawg

    I can’t believe this is an issue. did any one watch the Kentucky Derby? Go Big Brown!!!

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