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I’ll be honest, it makes me feel REALLY old when Melissa Joan Hart starts having children. As a kid I watched just about every episode of Clarissa Explains It All and the thought of Clarissa now having her own family (possible spin-off?) really freaks me out!

However, I guess my feelings weren’t taken into account because Melissa recently gave birth to her second child and opened up to OK magazine about all the gory details. And well, right now we’re a little baby crazy at Ecorazzi anyway after our co-founder, Rebecca Carter, gave birth last week.

Like Rebecca, Melissa had a “natural” birth and said ” My friend Kellie Martin introduced me to the whole hypnobirthing idea. It is a special way of getting through a pregnancy without an epidural or inducing. “

I’m a dude who has no interest in babies anytime soon so I had to do a little research about “hypnobirthing”. Turns out, hypnobirthing is “a stress-free method of birthing that teaches a mother, along with her birthing companion, the art and joy of experiencing birth in an easier, more comfortable, and often pain-free manner that most nearly mirrors nature.” Groovy!

I guess it worked for Melissa because she went on to reveal that her “recovery was so much better this time around. I did the birth drug-free, and I’m not sure if it is because I did it drug-free or because he was my second baby, but I am up and about much easier this time. Last time I was unable to get out of bed for about eight weeks! “

Congrats Melissa on your brand new baby and good luck getting back in the game. Oh and I’m serious about that Clarissa spin-off thing. I’ll have my people call your people.

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  1. great post! i was unfamiliar with this technique and appreciate the info. always good to see stars (and other women) doing it the natural way…..

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