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Actor Richard Gere is placing the final touches on a new restaurant/inn in Bedford, NY called the Bedford Post Inn. The 56-year-old purchased the property — which features several 18th century buildings — last year with a business partner. Spread over 14 acres, Gere’s new venture will feature a cafe/bakery, formal restaurant, multipurpose rooms for private parties, community events and yoga classes, stables for horse riding, and 8 suites for overnight guests.

Plans also include a geothermal HVAC system, recycled beams and materials, an on-site garden and a focus on locally produced food sourced from the area’s small farms. Gere can expect some celebrity clientèle from time to time as well — as Bedford is where Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren and Glenn Close all own homes.

Of course, Gere’s new project is not without its detractors. Most recently, neighbors complained about the ‘eyesore’ parking lot for the restaurant — prompting Gere to erect a an 18 foot long, five foot high cedar fence. Now, people claim the fence is spoiling their view — and the town zoning committee has declared that it must be torn down because it violates height limits. Unfazed, the partners are planning to comply, with Gere’s business partner Russell Hernandez saying, “If they say you have to have a four-foot fence, then that’s what we’ll do.”

Look for the Inn to open this summer. The bakery/cafe is open now.

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  • Words of wisdom

    Mr Gere…The great very confused man now has a mundane cause to fight for his boundary wall! lol… I wish him well.

    With every rising dawn there will be a new mundane fight, for freedom, based on religion or territory. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela political figures stayed in their country and fought for their people/their cause that has made them into the greatest of MEN ever born.

    Then there comes Gere himself…a rich confused sex symbol/stunning/talented/ spiritual/kind hearted superstar looking for answers in the wrong place overjoyed to have found his man-God on earth!

    Then there is Dalai Lama a man-made God himself. A politician a leader of an off shoot of Buddhism invented after the death of the first lama. Historians also noted this Man-God himself escaped to India leaving his people to face their so called doom… what a fine Godly example for his masses.

    Then comes the blunders in choosing the Lama’s that resulted in ritual murders/ mass murders of child lama’s and the 5th Century Lama in the Monasteries that finally caused a break in Tibetan Buddhism and the introduction of the Shudken branch.

    For those who know little of the Tibetan history the introduction of Lama hood that was a mere title…a sort of Knighthood that has later been turned into a re-incarnation of the so called holy men of Tibet.

    Then come the Culture Dalai Lama is trying to protect? What is this culture that the man-God demands to be preserved? Are the Chinese correct in demanding that the face of the Lama’s should not be worshipped and magic not be abused in Buddhist temples by the monks? Are the Chinese correct in demanding a multi-cultural land for all those who reside in Tibet?

    An observation I made in the Indian/ Chinese temples recently…The serene different faces of Buddha stands proud and tall. No pictures of Lama’s around. I felt at peace when I meditated. Buddha an ancient Indian man of wisdom born in around the 6th Century BC who never called himself God nor demanded his followers to and never mentioned he would be reborn time and time again in the form of Tibetan Lama’s when he himself was Indian.

    As the demands to Free Tibet is heard and made, the joyful togetherness of the world is ruined as Olympic torch relay is disrupted with riots and death, demonstrators behaving like lunatics, one must stop to have a clear understanding of what demands are being made and are they justified? Were they justified in breaching other people’s human rights, by their erratic behaviour?

    Magic in Buddhism can be ‘cultivated’ which means ‘learnt’ by meditation alone and is the middle way as the Buddhist scriptures say. Black magic is frowned upon in all religions including Buddhism.

    Very few people really know the extent of misuse whilst meditation that can take place if the individual is not fully protected. This is also mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures that Magic can be misused to harm humanity.

    Whilst keeping a facade of non-violence could it be that the Man-God himself has waged a spiritual war against those he perceives to be his enemies/ The West and other religions. The misuse of Black Magic making Hollywood superstar’s, other people of status including the Politicians to become fanatical followers, virtual human spiritual slaves…as a wise Buddhist master says in one of his lectures…”Although magic can be used to punish enemies and to help the needy, it can also be used to endanger humanity. When a RICH person does not believe in doing good, would it not be nice if MAGICALLY his money could be used to give to the poor.”

    How exactly can this be done one ponders: by brain washing whilst meditation or telepathic manipulation to make the individual a spiritual human slave to the master so he will part with his money and sanity at the same time???????????

    Islam calls these entities- Jins who are known to even possess a person’s mind. I believe these entities exist in every religion ‘Lost souls lost by tragic accidents’ who have been misused by unscrupulous individuals over time.

    In the year of 2008 fingers of blame are pointed to each other as the world ticks closer to its own doom…the ice melts in the Arctic and Global warming is the greatest threat that mankind has been and due to experience, it goes last on the list of world agenda’s. How high will the rising sea-level rise?

    Great Man-Gods, Politicians come and go espionage and counter espionage that has shaped the world of yester-years and that of the future. One thing for sure until radical changes are made by those who have taken this responsibility for whatever reasons, and if the World Leaders/ Religious leaders slowly lose their moral battle to do what is right for humanity there will be no hope for our future generations. Enough is enough!

    The leaders of both the Communist Countries and Democratic countries must not fail their people they must serve by example. Diplomacy is the one and only way!

    Karma comes back with a vengeance and EMPTINESS…is the only cure for Black magic I have been told…I am getting senile in my old age so do forgive my spelling errors if any! With best wishes to all including Mr Gere…I wish him all the best with his cause this time in running a restaurant.

  • Sarah

    Happy to see Mr. Gere and his partners are thinking about sustainable tourism … As a former farm-girl, I’m loving they are planning to buy food from local farms for their restaurant. I can’t wait to see what the rates are for those eight guest suites, though. I’m afraid eco-travel won’t catch on unless people can easily find affordable options (and don’t just assume all their eco-options are celebrity-owned luxe resorts). I’m biased, though — I blog about this topic every day (, so maybe I’m ultra sensitive to price?

  • sam carter

    Richard Gere called for boykott, now China
    is close the border for Foreigners.

  • Words of wisdom

    I wonder what will happen if he farts???????? He’d probably trigger of an earthquake!LOL

  • Ariel

    If it’s not organic food from a vegan (at least vegetarian) organic farm where they don’t use dead fish heads to fertilize their soil, then the purchase of local produce serves no purpose and is at odds with the rest of the inn’s ideology and purpose.

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  • http://----- Dr Rajesh Watts

    I think the place will remind people about global warming and hence will help in Gere’s motto of life


    “Global Warming”

    My grandparents’ hugs, I miss that kind of warmth
    People respecting each other
    More value to each others’ opinions
    Cordial discussions
    Feelings of love, belongingness and warmth
    All around warmth
    That too was the time of
    A kind of “Global Warming”

    Science advanced
    So were our means and resources
    We got hugged and plugged
    More to machines than to man
    Our patience started running out
    We all became “hot”
    In the head
    We could feel this new “Global Warming”

    More machines, more wastages of energies, more heat losses
    We became less disciplined
    More callous, more self centered
    We have become
    Injudicious user of resources
    Warming up our surroundings
    We are continuously adding to this “Global Warming”

    Energy resources are limited
    They need judicious use
    Lest we finish them fast
    More disciplined we need to become
    More courteous to each other
    More caring, more respecting
    For this menace of global warming
    Does need not only energy conservation
    But also it needs conservation of more affection
    For to live in a society which is not globally warmed
    We need to have warm hearts and cool heads.

    Rajesh Watts
    Consultant Plastic Surgeon
    Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals
    New Delhi

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