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I never thought I’d say this, but: CINDY CRAWFORD STOP TRYING TO GET ALL UP IN MY GRILL!!!! Just kidding Cindy, there’s enough cyber-space for all of us!

That’s right folks, Cindy Crawford is now officially a blogger! It’s recently been announced that Cindy will be blogging for throughout the month of April to dish about her family’s lifestyle changes and her partnership with PUR water filters.

In one of her first blogs, Cindy talks about her Thirsty for Change program (which Ecorazzi mentioned earlier) and tells us: ” Next month, the PUR “Thirsty for Change” Web site and bottle will launch, and proceeds from every bottle purchased will go towards the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, which helps provide clean drinking water to impoverished children around the world. “

Cindy also explains her green inspiration: “…my eco-awakening happened after I had kids. As a mother, you obviously want to feel good about the Earth you’re leaving to your children, but there was something else going on as well: my kids were making me feel guilty! They go to a very environmentally aware school, where they do beach clean-ups and hand out cloth bags and reusable bottles. I guess it’s part of living in Malibu, but I think my kids would look down on me if they caught me wasting plastic.

Here at the Razz, we’re always excited to see another celebrity go green and we can’t frigin’ wait to read more of your blogs. Welcome to the club!

  • Remy Chevalier

    Better late than never to the green party Cindy…
    “High school valedictorian (4.0 GPA), enrolled at Northwestern University to study chemical engineering on full academic scholarship.”
    Maybe we should put you to work in the MBDC cradle-to-cradle green chemistry lab developing non-toxic cosmetics formulas. And who knows, one of these may yield a new clean super fuel, like when hairdresser Maurice Ward in England ten years ago by mixing hair salon products together came up with a new super plastic he named Starlite which can withstand heat better than space shuttle tiles. I kid you not.