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Wanna celebrate Earth Day eco-style but live in a city that lacks festivities? No worries Ecorazzi readers! Just turn on that computer and start a’ bidding.

To commemorate Earth Day 2008, stars like Daryl Hannah, Glenn Close and Alicia Silverstone will be auctioning off celebrity experiences, eco-getaways and much more for the “Earth Day 2008″ online auction to support Waterkeeper Alliance.

Just skip on over to and bid on prizes like: a day of filming on Daryl Hannah’s environmental blog, a day on the set of Damages with Glenn Close and a fly-fishing trip to Ted Turner’s ranch in Argentina. All the proceeds go to Waterkeepers, which is an organization that works on 170 waterways to protecting our water sources and make sure they stay so fresh and so clean, clean.

The bidding started April 15th and closes April 29th, so don’t waste another second! Visit and make this Earth Day super special. Good luck!

  • Karen

    I checked in on the Charitybuzz auction. Why didn’t they mention Lunch with Amanda Tapping of Stargate SG!, Lunch on the set with Jewel Staite, Joe Flanigan donated a Lunch on the Stargate Atlantis set AND the signed script from Battlestar Galactica from of the pivitol Season 3 Finale – Crossroads 2? There’a a lot of Sci Fi fans who would be interested in those items!