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Did anyone else know that Blythe Danner is Gwyneth Paltrow’s mom?  I think it’s the whole “separate last names” thing that threw me off. I had no idea.

Anyways, Danner is enjoying her role as grandmother to Paltrow’s kids, Apple, 3, and Moses, 2 — and is instilling them with green values from the start. Apparently, it was the same for when Gwyneth was growing up as well. Danner recounts an amusing moment in her education:

“‘Gwyneth was actually 3 years old when she had a placard that we made, this homemade sign that said ‘You are Polluting.’ And we would ride around Los Angeles where we lived,’ Danner adds. ‘I said, ‘Gwennie, when you see dirty, black spewing out of a bus or a truck, hold up a sign.’ ”

After delivering the instructions, the mom-and-daughter team had a scary moment – when the young Gwyneth proceeded to roll down her window at a stop light. “Before I could stop her, she was saying to this big guy in this huge truck, ‘You’re polluting!'”

“He said, ‘I am? I better go to the big garage and fix that.'”

For Moses and Apple, it’s all about compost time with grandma. “It’s a nice thing we like to do together out in our garden. They are great helpers. Apple said to me the other day in the car, ‘You know we have to keep the world clean.’ and I said, ‘Yes! That’s my girl!’ She is getting the message.”

And speaking of polluting trucks, Danner was on hand earlier last week for the introduction of two new natural gas-powered garbage trucks in New York City. Seems the world may finally be embracing all those good green values she’s taught her family for so many years.

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