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For the second in its series of videos titled “Unlikely Alliances”, the $300 million dollar WE initiative (sponsored by Al Gore’s Alliance For Climate Protection) has brought together Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

In the ad, Pelosi and Gingrich admit they don’t always see eye-to-eye, but believe the country must put aside its political difference and come together to fight climate change. How that happens, however, still remains a difference between the two politicians. As the SFGate reports, Pelosi supports a “mandatory cap-and-trade system to reduce emissions, while Gingrich would rather use tax credits and other incentives to get industry to switch to low-carbon technologies.”

Said Cathy Zoi, CEO of the Alliance for Climate Protection, “By bringing together top Republicans and Democrats, we are demonstrating both to the American public and to lawmakers that we can and must overcome partisan differences to solve the climate crisis.”

Check out the ad below.

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  • Remy Chevalier

    What happened to “Global Warming?
    Why is everyone calling it “Climate Change” now?
    Is the planet heating up or cooling, or just behaving weird, temper tantrums and extremes?
    How about we get back to what started it all to begin with… all the crap we’re throwing into the environment, the air, the land, the sea… all the poisons… that’s the real issue here. The climate is one thing, the toxicity of the environment is another… less bees, less birds, less frogs… food riots… killer smog… cancers, immune disorders.
    Seems every five minutes the “powers that be” shift the vernacular to suit their PR needs of the minute… Let’s stay true to course… decentralization of power, power to the people, clean energy generation, less is more, cradle to cradle… Whether the planet is cooling or heating or “changing” is out of our hands really at this point… nothing short of the machine coming to a grinding halt will alter the dire ecological consequences of the industrial revolution… let’s focus on habitat, farming, and getting energy conversion secrets out of military labs!
    If we can do that this generation… if that can be the green revolution… we might be able to turn the ship around.
    [ we return you to your regular programming… ]

  • Doug Lofland

    So what am I missing.

    19,000 scientists come out recently in the National Review with a petition against the idea of man-made climate change, and against a repeat of Kyoto, and still the conventional wisdom maintains that there is a so-called consensus of “reputable” scientists in favor of the idea of anthropogenic climate change?

    Is this the Twilight Zone or what?

    I know what the next line of attack will be…..this is just another conspiracy by the oil companies, but come on…..19,000 scientists, all funded by the oil companies????

    Good Grief, even Galileo faced greater logic!

  • John Samples

    Makes me want to puke!!!!!! We’re compromising our way of life for an unproven theory which algore won’t even debate. The ingnorant puplic is falling for this nonsense while the dolt is making millions instigating this hysteria. Why won’t people listen to the 400+ scientists who wrote debunking man-caused climate change or the facts that point toward the earth actually leveling off or cooling in the last 10 years?

  • Mike

    “19,000 scientists come out recently in the National Review” Recently? Only if 1998 is recent. And not the National Review.

    19,000 scientists doubt warming? I doubt that.

  • Mike

    For a more recent list of people who have publicly come out against global warming, and their statement to that effect, go here:

    As an aside, the following article about moose CO2 emissions in Norway paints the picture far more humurously than satire ever could:

    I love how the hunters have sprung on this chance to increase the hunting quotas – “oh yes, we are very concerned about the effect of moose farts on our planet. Please allow us to take care of this problem by hunting more.”

  • Brent

    Wow, now even Newt’s joining the bandwagon. I am beginning to believe these are no intelligent politicians left in the world. As a scientist myself, I know the “evidence” for man-made climate change is bunk and no number of stupid politicians or commercial indoctrination will change the facts.

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