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A few days ago Ecorazzi told you that Matchbox 20 pulled out of Wyoming’s Cheyenne Frontier Days festival — the world’s largest outdoor rodeo — after the animal rights group, Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), sent them video footage of alleged animal abuse from last year’s rodeo.

Well, needless to say the festival bosses are PISSED. And what do we do in this country if we’re angry? WE SUE!! That’s right, owners of the festival are suing SHARK claiming the animal rights group sent Matchbox 20 “false and misleading information” which caused the cancellation. Frontier Days organizers are estimating the resulting damage will be close to 100,000 dollars lost in ticket sales. They are also suing SHARK for persuading Carrie Underwood to pull out of the event in 2006.

Juicy stuff! Keep posted to Ecorazzi for all your SHARK/Frontier Days drama. Who will win? I vote SHARK.

  • Steve Wilson

    I vote for Shark too. I guess it is just easier to sue the activists that to actually stop beating the animals.

  • Terrah Dawn

    I should have known that the Cheyenne Frontier Days would do something like this. They are extra made because MB20 would have made mega profits for them…. I’m sure there were a lot of people that would have gone just to see MB20 and didn’t show up because MB20 canceled!

    Are they even aware that Rob and Marisol Thomas started the Sidewalk Angels Foundation – they don’t like animal cruelty! They are in team with Pets Alive!!

    I hope against all hope that CFD does not win against SHARK — I’m sure then MB20 will be called in to testify… this is getting deep and all over $$$!!

    Thank YOU for this information and to a friend that alerted me to your story!!!

  • Tom Moore

    MB20 Should probably have never agreed to do the concert in the first place, unless they had never heard of the word “Rodeo” before.

  • Ed Grogem

    Hooray for Matchbox 20, Carrie Underwood & SHARK!

    Animal cruelty CANNOT be tolerated.

    Great Job SHARK!

  • samantha

    Rodeos are not animal cruelty… you people say all this crap, and you ahve no idea what you’re talking about!

    • sarah

      thank you!

  • Fred Willert

    Match Box who? Like It really matters if a Teeny Bopper band comes to Wyoming. Have these people ever worked livestock? I doubt it. The next time you eat a really good burger just consider the work of the real cowboys that went into putting it on your plate. People should consintrate on bitching about things they really have a clue about.

  • Fred Willert

    Also SHARK should quit using doctored photos to prove there point. The photos could at least be in Cheyenne.

  • Tom

    As a member of the CA press I support what you all do. I have been exposed to the CFD Media smuck, Bob Budd who told me that they (CFD Committee) does not want or care about out of state press coverage. Now I know why. He allows only his friends and drinking buddies to get credentials. I have been credentialed by CFD for 2009 and will send you photos. Thanks for all you do. Tom

  • Gabi

    I hate it when you people judge us like that. Rodeos are NOT animal cruelty. Yes, some get hurt but you guys are discusting saying that our animals are cruely treated. Rodeo animals are probably some of the most well taken care of animals in the world! If you dont like it… then just dont watch it!

    • don miguelo

      OH YEAH?! If you don’t like our comments here- then just don’t post here!

      Seriously though I hear that you’re inside the rodeo scene and you see animals well cared for. It makes a bit of sense that they would be as that’s what those cowboys (and many others) are making a living with them. And any animal activist worth their salt should never be roped in by faked photos or videos, if that’s what is happening here.

      That said I think there are some rodeos that abuse their animals, but not all. Conversely, I doubt as you said (that all)– rodeos are NOT animal cruelty.

      Are we saying that the event activities inherent within a rodeo are cruel, or that the unregulated training practices, testes-ring squeezing, electric prodding, etc is animal abuse? Or both?

      I think clearing up that would help us from making blanket reactionary statements.