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I think it’s safe to call Willie Nelson a pioneer in environmentally-friendly practices. Ecorazzi previously reported on Willie’s participation in Farm Aid, commitment to bio-diesel, and now, after canceling his bottled water line because he couldn’t stand the plastic bottles, Willie’s making the clean water industry a whole lot cleaner. is reporting that Willie Nelson has partnered with Ed Russell to produce Willie Nelson’s Water From Air, the Gulf Coast distributor of Wataire International atmospheric water generator units. 

So what exactly is an atmospheric water generator? Ok here we go, according to Russell, “the units generate water from the atmosphere, pulling moist air through a HEPA filter, and working much the same way a typical dehumidifying unit does, except that the newly generated water is pushed through a sediment filter, pre- and post-carbon filters, an ultrafine filter, and finally ultraviolet (UV) light before it is stored. Stored water is recirculated in the UV chamber to retain its potability.”

And that my friends his how you make some fine, eco-friendly, non-plastic wasting, environmentally sound aqua! Willie also has plans to team up with fellow country musician Merle Haggard to open a  California-based Wataire distributorship in the future.

Russell says that Nelson’s interest in the Wataire units is because “he’s totally green” — and we totally agree. Everybody repeat after me: WILLIE NELSON ROCKS!

  • Choocher

    You’d be green too if you smoked that much dope.

  • Max Gladwell

    I haven’t looked into it, but how much energy does it take to pull this water out of the air and purify it through this system?

  • phil

    This is great technology. Just think of the savings improvements over bottles – bottling, transport, storage, plastic waste, better quality etc. Or even against tap water – quality of water (especially all those hormones in the water), no / lower water infrastructure, water made on location rather than pumped, etc.

  • Les Barber

    Hey Choocher Toke on This, you should be in awe of Willie Nelson as an Artist, Entertainer and a Humanitarian.

    Have another HIT of that Brown Acid you brought to Woodstock and slink back downstairs to you Mom’s Basement!

  • Les Barber

    Willie Nelson is an Entertainment Icon and a tireless Humanitarian for Peace, USA Farmers, Young People, Tsunami Relief and many many more worthy causes.

    God Bless Willie!

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  • Claude Gelinas

    This technology is novel to most of us but it seems pretty solid for anyone serious enough to invest the time into making it work.

    Amazing new technologies, such as this one, give hope to everybody looking to be able to live “off the grid”.