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fleurWhen everyone gathers for the family reunion sometime this summer, don’t let your ass clown younger cousin steal all the glory by announcing he’s sold yet another internet company for millions! Instead, gather the glory and admiration of others for yourself by casually dropping that you’re exhausted from shooting a scene with Johnny Depp in his latest movie. Yes, it’s yet another charity auction to star as a featured extra with Depp in his latest film Public Enemies. You know what to do. Go grab your 15 minutes and bid here. [via theseboots]

fleurLike it or not, at least the money Brad and Angelina command for exclusive baby photos goes towards charity. The other end of the spectrum features money-grubbing slimeballs with nothing but personal gain on the mind.

fleurThe BBC is launching a new ethical fashion magazine, Threads– but no flaps over whether its printed using recycled paper or not, since this one is completely virtual. The editors intend to “cover a range of issues from the environmental footprint of clothing manufacture, to the impact of the fashion industry on human and animal rights.” [Get your virtual insanity on here]

fleurWhat’s Terry O’Quinn, who plays John Locke on ABC’s hit series LOST, going to do to make his life greener? “I am eliminating disposable plastic from my life starting with grocery bags and packaging.” Good on ya, Terry. If you’re anything like your character, you should be able to weave up some natural bags in a jiff. [via Hawaii Health Guide]

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3 Responses to Razzi Snap: Wanna Share Some Screen Time With Johnny Depp?

  1. Rebecca Warner says:

    To work along side Johnny Depp in a movie has been my dream ever since i was 8 and now i’m 14. I would do anything to become an extra in that film anything! Johnny Depp is my inspiration in live i want to be the next Johnny Depp except the girl version. I would kill for an extra part!!!!!!!

  2. Rebecca Warner says:

    i Would use the all the money i have know and donate it i would even work around the neighbor hood mowing and weeding, and walking dogs and cleaning cars and tutouring little kids and raise alot of money just to full fill my dream of becoming an actress and working along side my favorite actor Johnny Depp and my Favorite director Tim Burton even though Tim Burton is directing this film i would do anything for this part

  3. Rebecca Warner says:

    even though i’m 14

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