David Attenborough with his new book
by Michael dEstries
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Probably one of the more everlasting conversations on the ‘raz is who the better narrator for the groundbreaking television series Planet Earth: Sigourney Weaver or David Attenborough. Some were shocked that Attenborough’s rich voice was removed from the U.S. version of the series in place of Sigourney; while others added that Sigourney was less distracting, allowing one to focus on the incredible imagery.

Whatever your preference, there’s no denying that Attenborough has been a familiar presence for hundreds of millions of people over his 30-year career covering nature on television. Now, he’s looking to move on to other projects and relax a bit more — but he leaves the genre less optimistic about its future. From the BBC,

“‘Whatever we do now the world is going to change. The question is can we slow down those changes or reduce them? One clutches at straws to try and find something in this bleak picture which is not deeply depressing. People recognize that the only conceivable way in which you’ll save the life in the sea and the climate in the air is by international agreement,’ he explained. ‘It’s damned difficult.'”

Event with all the amazing technology available today to capture nature in all its glorious wild, Attenborough believes that the beauty of the world today does not compare to that of 50 years ago. Referring to his first work in 1979, Life On Earth, he said, “There are some things in that series that would be very difficult to film again, they are much more difficult to find.”

So what’s next? A film on evolution. Marking the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, Attenborough is preparing to release a documentary on the subject sometime next year. We wish him luck — and hope this time, his voice is the one we hear for the American release.

BBC via Green Daily

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