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Taking a break from our regularly scheduled green gossip, we wanted to tell you about a new web browser — from the creators of Netscape — that actually benefits the planet through web surfing. The original version, called Flock, has been around for a bit and is based on Mozilla Firefox with a Yahoo search engine. Basically, what makes this browser so cool is that it takes all of your social networking sites and organizes them under one roof. The new green-themed option, aptly named Flock Eco, comes preloaded with the top green content on the web — with 10% of proceeds going to an eco-charity of the user’s choice. From the release,

Environmental topics have become increasingly relevant to a global audience, and the Web is the best source for depth and breadth of content, said Shawn Hardin, CEO of Flock. Flocks Eco-Edition provides an excellent way for those that care about the environment to remain connected to the best sources of environmental topics and to easily share their discoveries with others that they connect to online. Were excited to see what happens when we mix Flock, People and Passion together.

Now anytime we break you some cool green gossip, Flock will automatically let you know that something new is happening over on the Raz. We think it’s a pretty sweet app — and a great way to give back by simply browsing the web. Take a look at Flock Eco over on the official site and let us know what you think!

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