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You know it’s a good thing I hide behind your screen everyday because the truth is I’m a pretty crappy dresser. I’m not bad like you can’t take me out, I’m more just a Casual Joe who prefers to live his life in jeans and a t-shirt. Anyway, I always get a nice chuckle when I find myself in the middle of a fashion event surrounded by clothes that hold powers far behind my capability of understanding. Such was so this Sunday when I attended an Earth Day event at Caravan in New York City.

The event was held to celebrate Earth Day and to promote Lauren Bush’s new Feed 1 Bag – which she designed in partnership with the World Food Program. The bag was on sale for 60 dollars and my source told me 20 dollars of that will provide school lunch for one child for a whole year. It’s not surprising that Lauren’s involved with the World Food Program, as she recently told New York Magazine, ““I’ve kind of stepped away from modeling to really focus on my company, on my nonprofit work.”

The event also featured a talk by Danny Seo and Sylvia Heisel which I wasn’t able to stay for due to an upper respiratory infection that was making me a definite party pooper. I also talked to a guest that’s about to open her own green business (which I’ll keep under raps…for now) and who just bought an apartment in Leonardo DiCaprio and Tyra Banks’ building. GROOVY!!

To find out more, or to purchase one of Lauren’s Feed 1 Bags, visit!

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