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They’re about to go head-to-head in Planet Green’s new reality show Battleground Earth, but Tommy Lee and Ludacris aren’t waiting for the cameras to start rolling before reducing their own impact at home. In a recent interview with the New York Post, Ludacris said “I’m coming from a humble standpoint, so I want to teach other people and myself how to make a difference for generations to come, by helping to save planet Earth. Everything we do is geared towards trying to educate people that are watching, so that they can become even more eco-friendly.”

For his part, Ludacris used teleconference technology to audition for his last two movie roles in Fred Clause and RocknRolla, resulting in less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. He’s also exploring the use solar panels on his 22-acre homestead in Atlanta to power up his 15,000 square foot house. That’s going to be one hell of an array! I’ll be shocked if it ever happens. 15,000 square feet!

Tommy Lee is just as thin on the green — but probably uses less energy overall than Ludacris thanks to motion-sensor lights throughout his home that automatically shut off. He also says he keeps lights on the “dim” side to conserve energy.

Obviously, we never expected these two to be the epitome of eco-friendly. Part of the appeal of watching a show like Battleground Earth will be to witness how these two learn from their experiences — and hopefully carry on that education beyond the 10-episode series.

via New York Post

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  • Jennae Petersen

    I’m just happy to see that these 2 high-profile celebs are coming out for the cause, particularly because they are 2 of the ones you’d least expect it from. Every little bit helps, and even if Luda never achieves full energy sufficiency for his home, the closer he can get to that, the better. More power to both of them for the efforts!

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