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In an effort to broaden the scope of their green programming, Discovery Channel announced this afternoon that Bob Woodruff from ABC News will anchor a weekly newscast on Planet Green. Slated to premiere in July (the network itself launches in June), “eco-cast” — as it is tentatively called — will be produced by ABC News and draw from its reporting and producing teams worldwide.

According to the release, the show will include in-studio roundtable discussions, feature pieces and debates about eco-issues such as climate impact and environmental policy. Said Woodruff on the opportunity, “I’ve traveled around the world covering a wide range of stories, but the environment is one story that knows no boundaries or limitations in terms of its impact on humanity. It affects us all, and I am deeply committed to shining a light on the challenges facing our planet and its inhabitants, as well as on solutions going forward.”

Woodruff isn’t the only news anchor lending his talents to the new network. Tom Brokaw will also host a number of eco-specials this coming fall. Things are shaping up nicely — but the real question remains: Will anyone tune in?

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4 Responses to ABC News’ Bob Woodruff To Anchor Planet Green Newscast

  1. They will tune in if the shows are well produced, and the folks on screen genuine. Every new TV season has its casualties, Planet Green will be no different.

    Norwalk Greendrinks in Connecticut is hosting a launch viewing party on June 4th. The Discovery Home channel rebrands itself as Planet Green at 6pm. Channel 172 on Cablevision in Fairfield County.

    We’re encouraging all the other Greendrinks around the country to do the same.

  2. Candace says:

    I think people will tune in, even if just for the novelty of an entire network devoted to environmental issues. I’m worried about ABC’s backing though – it will definitely provide good financial and publicity support, but on the other hand media concentration is one of main reasons for the lack of information and awareness about green issues in the first place. I’m interested to see how this pans out.

  3. Rick Badman says:

    I know how to save he world from global environmental disaster. It may cost trillions of dollars and take decades to do. But things like the Sahara Reservoir, underground water reservoirs, major geothermal power systems, advance nuclear energy systems, flywheel-powered electric vehicles as well as nuclear, and using the earth’s electromagnetic fields for energy, could save the world and save trillions of dollars that would be spent if the horrors presented in the program happened.

  4. Cynthia McPherson says:

    If it actually presents the facts… the very real and detailed facts that are scarey as heck; if it shows how close we are to the point of no return on this, then fine. However, since it will have sponsers who have to be appeased, it probably will be just a bunch of greenwash. In that case, it would be worse than not having any show at all on the subject of GW!!

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