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You have to hand it to bass player Ira Trevisan for coming up with one of the more creative excuses for leaving a rock group. Her band, CSS, is a rising staple in Brazilian’s pop music scene, but Trevisan has decided to leave because of one big reason: climate change. From the article,

“‘I am a bit worried about climate change,’ she said, though it’s apparent she’s more than a bit concerned. ‘People should care more and do something. I decided to fly less. CSS will always be in my heart.’

I can’t help but wonder if there was more to that decision…

Obviously, rock groups flying around the world is a contributor to CO2 — but other green musicians have come to the conclusion that they can do more with their music, in terms of inspiring and educating on green issues, than if they just stayed home. This is the first time I can recall that a musician has been concerned about climate change and decided to drop out of their profession all-together. Seems a bit rash — couldn’t they at least fly commercial, institute offsets, and give a percentage of their cash to green charities? Seems like a better thing to do than just quitting something you love altogether.

via UK Guardian

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  • Candace

    I can understand how flying less would make her feel better about global warming, but there a lot of other things she could do as well…a lot of bands are concerned with global warming but they don’t use it as an excuse to quit their band. Coldplay uses carbon offsets to remove some of the guilt from their tour. Why couldn’t CSS just do the same thing? As a sidenote, I hope she wasn’t an integral member of the band, since I really like CSS.

  • Remy Chevalier

    Become a clean fuel activist! If such a thing is really possible… some of us would like to think so… we have solutions, of clean burning fuels, that are still not in production, because the focus has been on oil, coal and nuclear for generations… what secrets the military keeps about energy conversion miracles? The trillion spent every year on black lab energy research… Anybody out there?