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Kate Hudson has her own organic shampoo and now Sandra Bullock has released a line of eco-friendly soy candles. Called Bessence, they’re made from plant and flower essential oils and contain no lead wicks. Even the packaging is made from organic and recycled materials. From her website,

“Every Bessence candle is poured, cleaned and packaged individually, by hand, using a specially formulated soy based wax, designed for our high fragrance levels. This meticulously crafted mixture is combined with eco-friendly 100% lead free paper wicks to produce an exquisite smelling candle that burns cleanly and evenly for up to 50 hours”

Bullock was on Oprah yesterday promoting the candles. She explained, “I started researching and you find out about lead wicks and chemicals in your candles. (Soy wax) is a renewable resource.” And Bullock is so happy with her new business, she joked that it could provide her with a second career: “(It’s) something to fall back on.”

Interested in picking some up? Prices for individual candles start at $40; votives are cheaper at $10. Jump here for more. The video from Oprah is below.

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  • Brian

    Thanks for this, at least people now may want to try out soy candles. A lot of people have no idea what they are for and what they are made of.

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  • Melissa B.

    Lead wicks aren’t available or used in the US.. I cant speak for other countries of course. There are zinc wire wicks which are different. But yes, for the cleanest burning candle, you should look for soy candles made with cotton wicks.

  • Remy Chevalier

    Yeah, but $40? You can attend cute little eco-fairs all over the country, renaissance fairs, arts and crafts fairs, and get similar candles, all natural, for a fraction of the cost. It’s great everybody is on the bandwagon, but if green persists being perceived as luxury items, it won’t trickle down, it won’t make a dent. Like Eden t-shirts priced at $50… Bono and his wife should be more concerned about the impact of tour shirts, which are still not organic cotton. But who dares tackle with the arena mafia!

  • Cornelius

    Great. Another celeb I have to compete with. I hope she does not still my celeb clients just because she is a celeb herself. Her line looks pretty nice but a similiar design to some of the other expensive brands. I am going to have to try some and compare them to mine. It always takes a celeb to make something become “in”.

    Hardy’s Scentuous Soy Candle Co.

  • Margaret

    I am happy for Sandra Bullock, but stars launching their own soy candle line makes it difficult for smaller companies to compete. Stars are already blessed with so much in their lives. All I can do is continue to provide exceptional products and service for my customers and hope that small soy candle companies like myself prevail.

    Self Essentials, Inc.

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  • Shelli Assiter

    I would like to know where Sandra got her cute shirt.

  • Brenda

    Does anyone know if she offers an affiliate program?

    • Rich Kretzschmar

      Brenda I do not however I have a fantastic idea & product concept that I would like to preent to Sandra one day. Care to help? Rich

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