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We have very little information regarding who is behind the hoax, but apparently “Retraction” stickers have been showing up in Elle Magazine’s green issue. They declare a statement related to an article on a group of supposed eco-terrorists. Here’s what the stickers say,

“Following consultation with federal agencies, we at Elle wish to retract this article. Not because of the stream of factual inaccuracies beginning in the second sentence (there has never been a CrimethInc. convergence in Athens, Georgia), but because in the current political climate it is irresponsible to even pretend to give a fair hearing to radical anti-capitalists. Even if Anna’s story is a cut-and-dried case of entrapment, we have to understand this as a necessary defense of our free market freedoms. Not to say that we are not concerned about the environment at Elle. On the contrary, the global environmental crisis offers unprecedented opportunities to promote sustainable fashions (p. 98), give the meat industry a makeover (p. 245), and renew faith in this country’s discredited electoral process (p. 104); even the color green itself is making a comeback (p. 72). Consumer capitalism may be threatening life on earth, but there’s simply no other option—that is, not unless you’re willing to join the ranks of the eco-terrorists.”

These stickers have been found in every issue in at least one bookstore. Anyone else encountered them?

More info over on Crimethinc

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  • Mike

    I’m from Lawrence, KS and stopped by the local Borders on the way home from work. Every single issue in the store had one of these stickers in it. I wonder if they slipped them in on the shelves, or if somehow they got them in there during the printing process?

  • Emily

    It does seem like a hoax–the text is a far stretch. Are people really putting these in unsold magazines? That’s illegal, right?

  • Jane

    Check out this blog entry: It talks about a some of the events that happened on Earth Day.

  • jayextoo

    just some constructive critcism, “NOBODY CARES!”

  • Robin Banks

    Yes! I’ve been to every bookstore and gas station in my town that carries Elle and every single issue has the retraction. It’s good to know the good folks at Elle have the professionalism to admit when they’re wrong!

  • Tencel

    This almost sounds too good – are you sure it was legit and not a faux sticker?

  • Yarostan

    I can confirm that all the copies of Elle at the bookstore in Corpus Christi, TX have the retraction in them. I think it must have been a legitimate post-press thing on Elle’s part if they got down here. Has anyone just tried asking them if this is legit?

  • Robin Banks

    Just got off the phone with my friend in Bozeman, Montana. He confirmed that every copy of Elle in his town has the retraction.

    This is clearly too widespread not to be legitimate. If not then it is one hell of a phenomenon and the text within will surely be accepted as truth eventually.

  • steven

    It looks like it wasn’t from Elle, for sure.
    (Activists Vandalize Elle’s Green Issue)

  • Carmen

    Hahahaha, Elle got pwned.

  • Carmen

    Note: I just looked at Walgreens and none of the Elle magazines there had any stickers. It looks like only the major bookstores got hit.

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  • rocksy

    well, crimethinc is popular among anarchists, and they have stickers on their site for printing out. so i wouldnt be surprised if it was a bunch of different people doing it. i think it’s great. we need more direct action like this.

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  • Probono

    Don’t use the word “eco-terrorist” even in jest. The FBI et al created this word to criminalize dissent, using it plays into their corrupted world-view.

    The corporate earth-rapers are the eco-terrorists, those opposing them are eco-heros; don’t miss a chance to make that clear.