First Orlando Bloom’s natural smell came into question. Then, it was Matthew McConaughey enjoying several days in between showers. Now, Julia Roberts has admitted she doesn’t touch deodorant saying it’s “just not my thing.”

The actress was on Oprah’s Earth Day special promoting her friend’s new book “Gorgeously Green” (by author Sophie Uliano) and chatting about the small changes one can make at home to create a healthier environment.

Sophie brought out a bunch of deodorant brands and talked about the dangers of aluminum within the antiperspirant products. Roberts then told Oprah that she never wear deodorant — but will often freshen up throughout the day — whatever that means.

Check out the video below — perhaps Woody Harrelson should get her one of those crystal deodorizers.

via cele|bitchy

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  • jamie lynn

    i’m really glad this is becoming a less taboo issue. i stopped wearing deodorant a couple years ago (if i “need” something, baking soda does just fine) and i make no secret of it. people usually react like i just told them i molest children or something! how did it ever become acceptable to stop your body from doing something it needs to do naturally??

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  • Peter

    please don’t let people stop wearing deodorant.

  • Pencils

    There’s no danger from deodorants. It’s an old rumor about getting breast cancer, and it’s been proven wrong. Good think Oprah’s still not checking to see what incorrect lies her guests are promoting. Her show does this all the time, when five minutes with Google could clear it up. I guess she doesn’t want to upset the celebrities by asking them to stick to the “truth.”

  • sunshine

    Deoderant contains aluminum. It is linked to Alzheimers…and this is NOT a new discovery. This has been an ongoing issue for years..and honestly, what is the lesser of the two evils. She obviously isn’t getting comments about body odour..and she’ll be around to watch her grandchildren grow up with a mind! Get over yourselves.

    Kudos to Julia. The bottom line…who gives a crap what other people thing. It you don’t please then with one thing, they find something else that pisses them off!!!

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  • Derek

    if you don’t wear deoderant, you are a stinky retard.

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  • leo

    i went without showering for five days and the body goes through a process of stinking for a day or two and then smelling good as evidenced by my students telling me on day five that I smelled like I just got out of the shower.

    There is bacteria on our skin that kills bad smelling bacteria, but we wash/shower so much that it’s not given a chance to do it’s duty.

    (I don’t recommend it if u play basketball all day.)

  • ruby

    i think putting on a little deodorant won’t hurt, it will keep people smelling good all day, unless you don’t sweat and i’m sure everyone sweats. as for aluminum, people who are afraid of getting breast cancer you can but aluminum free deodorants.