If you could have your morning cup of coffee with either Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, Laura Bush, Bill Gates, Al Gore or Brad Pitt who would you choose?

If you picked Oprah you got it right! Well at least that’s what the majority of America said when asked by the Opinion Research Corporation on behalf of Millstone Fair Trade Coffee. In fact, out of the 746 adult coffee drinkers polled, 20 percent picked Oprah while Bill Gates came in second with 16 percent and Laura Bush third with 15 percent. Brad Pitt on the other hand only got a shabby 7 percent. Umm..I think maybe the coffee drinkers had other activities in mind for Brad.

Millstone also found that while 52 percent of people said they were aware of Fair Trade certification, only about half of those (44 percent) were able to really explain it.

How would you do on the Fair Trade test? If you think you’re missing a few genius points, visit TransFairUsa.com and bone up. And when you’re done, hit Millstone Fair Trade Coffee and reward yourself for all that hard work.

  • http://www.myspace.com/melsheadspace/ Mel

    Oprah! Not for me. I’d rather drink coffee with Shaun White!

  • bellebeesting

    Just one thing wrong with your comment–most of the people I know wouldn’t drink coffee with Pitt OR have him in mind for any other activity, either.

  • http://brainyblonde.com erin

    um. how many percent picked angelina jolie? Surely she did not come in last? i’d rather have coffee with HER than Pitt any day.