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Harrison Ford has sacrificed his chest hair to help “shock” people into going green. The 65-year-old star, who is also Vice-Chairman of Conservation International, underwent the treatment to highlight the devastative impact of deforestation. I guess that’s one way to get the message across! Afterwards, Ford said that he felt rather “naked”.

Harrison has worked with Conservation International for over 15 years. In 2002, he was handed the Global Environmental Citizen Award by Harvard University in recognition of his conservation campaigning. Speaking at the time, he said “Our exploitation of the Earth has reached alarming proportions in the short time we’ve come to dominate the environment.”

You can check out a recent interview with National Geographic Adventure on Ford’s environmental passions here.

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  • Rick

    Way to go Harrison! Great way to get the word out. Use any reasonable means to bring this huge problem to the attention of the masses. Funny thing is, a short time from now when soils fail, air quality is unbearable and fresh drinking water a luxary…..many will wail and look to the heavens asking God why He has forsaken us. WE…..have forsaken us. We have not learned to live with nature; rather we look to subjegate and over-run it because we need more. Greed and over-population are the two scourges of modern times. Well, maybe we can throw in apathy also. All resources are finite.
    May We Become Aware…

  • Commissar Pupovich

    Well that is a great way to illustrate the absurdity of the fears and nonsense of the enviro-whackos! Way to go Harrison Ford! Saving the world one chest hair at a time! I adore the comments above about the looming catastrophe… I would post the link, but if you google, check out statements from past earth days…. then compare the predictions of the past with the present, and you will have a fair idea of the reliability of the current predictions of the imminent doom that awaits us all…

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