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We’ve previously highlighted Radiohead and their efforts to reduce their impact on the planet, but this latest move by the band deserves a high-five.

Conan O’Brien invited the group to play on his show last night, but Thom Yorke and the gang decided the planet would be better off if they didn’t all get on a plane and fly across the Atlantic for the gig. So instead, they decided to compromise by jamming via satellite — something that aligned perfectly for NBC’s Green Is Universal initiative happening all this week. From the BBC,

“The band have been long time campaigners on green issues with Yorke recently guest editing The Observer Magazine to promote climate change awareness. Yorke also recently urged politicians to introduce sweeping measures to cut carbon emissions by 2020. ‘If we don’t get stuck in now, in 20 years’ time it will be worse and things will be more extreme,’ he said.”

Yorke also mentioned that by not flying to the gig in NYC, the band saved the equivalent pollution to driving a car for a whole year. Rock on, guys!

BBC via Green Daily

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  • Waylon Lewis

    They rock (the earth). Good for Yorke, good for all of us! – Waylon Lewis

  • Ilene Pickett

    awesome response

  • James

    OR they didn’t feel like flying to NYC and found that this would be a great excuse not to.

  • Lee

    The only problem is that the didn’t save anything because the flight would have taken place anyway, either with empty seats or someone else in their place – assuming they weren’t going to use a private jet.

    The only upside is if this happens more often and there’s less demand for flights overall.

  • Dunther David

    FUCK this environMENTAL shit, Radiohead. FUCK IT TO ALL HELL!!

  • SJ

    That plane they were going to take, it’s taking off with or without them.

  • Dwindle

    Silly. If they simply took a standard passenger plane, they would hardly be hurting anyone at all. Fuel burned, when divided by passengers, is surprisingly little, especially if you are in a crowded section.

  • dasbling

    I think the point is to relieve demand for so many trans-atlantic flights. The fewer people flying, the less flights they have in the air. If more people and companies would use available technology to get their jobs done instead of burning fosil fuels we would have a much healthier planet.

  • Daniel

    They still suck.

  • it

    I guarantee that a HUGE band like radiohead travels in a private jet. Therefore, they absolutely DID save the fuel burn of a long, trans-Atlantic flight.

  • cola

    so stupid these comments. there’s only going to be a real change when there first is a change in the mind of people. Radiohead contributed a lot to this by making this statement. It’ s really stupid to start calculating one men’s action (or one bands action) and it’s effects on global warming or other environmental issues. The people who are so lame to keep responding like this are the reason nothing changes. calculate that mottafokkas… (sry for bad english, not my native language)

  • Pablo

    You know what’s funny? The plane still crossed the Atlantic. This is just a publicity stunt. Fuck Radiohead.

  • Kylie

    I think they need to make their voices heard to one British airline who recently PAID people to fly with them so they could fill their quota of flights in order to get some kind of discount from the airport! They basically sent planes back and forth for no good reason. How sick have we become. The wastefulness of it!

  • artrocktool

    Just a symbolic act.

  • Seafroggys

    Dude, its Radiohead. Doncha think they have a private jet?

  • jeroboam bramblejam


    Jet takes off with empty seats
    Pro/contrails cloud act

  • sean

    it’s not a matter of if the plane will take off or not. We all know that the plane was leaving with or with out them, what it comes down to is, an individual is taking a stance. we hear everyday that saving the planet has to begin some where, and Tom is saying it’s going to start with him. Way to go Tom. Hey Dwindle, do you realize what it cost to take a “standard passenger plane” across the ocean?

  • holnrew

    The would probably need to charter a flight for all their gear and stuff.

  • jesse

    so what if the plane still took off or whether they own a jet or not. the fact is they didn’t fly to make the point that they were not going to contribute to the pollution by paying for the flight. and since most of us agree we shouldn’t harm our earth, but most of us are to stubborn poor or lazy to make a difference, at least they are making the effort we ALL should make. its only effective if we all stop flying or whatever but at least this is a start! Way to go Radiohead!

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  • McCow

    Its 2008……thats too late

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