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Tragic news hit last week when Rocky — the five-year-old grizzly bear featured in Will Ferrell’s Semi-Pro – fatally bit Stephan Miller, his 39-year-old trainer, at the Predators in Action facility in Big Bear, California.

Now, Rocky’s owner, Randy Miller, is being investigated by the People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals over his actions and whether they helped contribute to the attack. This isn’t the first time PETA has taken an interest in Miller. In fact, last year PETA released inspection reports and other documents proving Miller’s sanctuary and training facility was a poor home for the big cats and other wild animals the acclaimed trainer took in.

Following Tuesday’s tragedy, PETA bosses have re-released those inspection reports, including a U.S. Department of Agriculture report, obtained by PETA, suggesting Miller’s animals were kept in small enclosures with no roofs and cages were damaged and broken. Furthermore, PETA found print ads Miller paid for in 2005′s Animal Finders’ Guide publication, in which he attempted to sell an assortment of big cats and a black bear. 

Officials still have yet to decide whether they will euthanize Rocky, but the folks at the American Humane Association feel confident the bear will never work in the business again…um you think?

This horrible tragedy brings up a fairly controversial point: should animals be “exploited” for the sake of entertainment? As a person who strongly believes in the rights of all animals, I say no — but that’s just me. What do you think Ecorazzi readers? Should animals continue to be used in film, television and other entertainment mediums or should this practice be banned? Speak up and tell us what you think!


  • Brookie

    That poor bear was just being a bear. Idiot humans should know better. Animals really aren’t here for us to point and laugh at.

  • Peter

    no animal entertainment.

  • John

    Your all a bunch of jerks.

  • Carmen

    I think that if the Chronicles of Narnia can create a realistic CGI lion, then we have entered a world where we don’t need to take wild animals and bow them to our will.
    Now my dog, a Jack Russell, would have LOVED to do that kind of stuff. They like doing tricks for people.

  • Laura

    I firmly believe that animals are more vital and important to the earth than humans are. If you are going to play with a large dangerous animal then you should be prepared to suffer the consequences, even if death is a result. This animal should not be put down for behaving like a bear. It is a wild animal. It will attack you. Duh. People can be so stupid.

  • Alicia

    But, if the animals actually like performing they should be used. There are plenty of ways in making the animals feel comfortable while performing because some really do like it. But, there should be restrictions as to how the animals are kept, who is responsible for them, what they are fed, how they are treated, etc.

  • Valerie

    Animals should NOT be exploited to line someone’s pocketbooks…period! Sanctuaries that protect abandoned, orphaned, abused and ill animals are where these dear souls belong.

  • Antonio

    Animals should not be used in entertainment because we can’t ask them if they would like to. You can never train them for that purpose without subjugating them and no living creature should be done that to, especially for ‘fun’.

  • John

    how can an NGO like PeTA ‘investigate anyone? They have no statutory authority and are merely a fund-raising scam that seems to rush to raise funds over the body of a father who leave a wife and 2 children behind?

    You are all sick, ill informed people …… no wonder you are the laughing stock of the World.