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A few days ago I confessed out totally unaware I was of pretty much all of things “tween culture”, but it’s been my Earth Week resolution to study up on the comings and goings of those under 16, and so I’m pleased to report more celebrity do-gooders not quite old enough to see an R rated movie. 

Pop duo Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka are featured in a new ad modeling Tommy Hilfiger-designed orange t-shirts to support the Nancy Davis Foundation for MS. A number of retailers will soon be caring the charitable garb, and of course all proceeds will go to the Nancy Davis Foundation For MS to educate the community and fund MS research.

Also, soon you’ll be able to pick up bracelets by Alexandra Knight and wallets/peace bracelets by Tommy Hilfiger. 

For more information, visit and discover your inner do-gooding tween. 


  • David Sylva

    Alyson turned 19 on March 25th and Amanda turned 17 on April 10th. They are multi-talented and charitable.

  • erin

    i’m curious about the research since so much “ms research” involves animal research and experiments. any info on that?