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“Yes! We planted a garden last spring. Half the stuff dies, half the stuff lives, but I’m happy with it. We had huge eggplants! And there’s nothing like fresh tomatoes. And the herbs? Heaven! I grow all different kinds of basil and thyme. I always have rosemary and Italian parsley.”

         - Jennifer Garner speaking to Self Magazine about growing her own food

  • Mel

    She is such a sweetheart. Everyone should have at least some potted veggies, in my opinion. They are healthier for you and if they grow like crazy, you can can them! She’s a very busy woman so it’s understandable if half of the plants die. She should be applauded for showing busy people that they actually CAN have a garden!

  • Jane

    She employs a gardner to plant her veggies and take care of her garden, do you really believe millionaire celebrities clean their own houses and plant their own gardens, they pay others to do that for them. She really needs to start using a cloth shopping bag, I always see her with plastic shopping bags.

  • Jennae Petersen

    I never would have expected that from Jennifer Garner, but it’s good to know that she’s at least making the effort to grow her own food — even if she does pay someone to do it :o)

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