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al goreGet ready for another massive concert series from Live Earth. This time, however, the focus will be on the United States — and getting people to rock the vote by making the environment one the main issues for the 2008 Presidential Election.

At the gala celebration for the Go Green Expo last night, Live Earth founder Kevin Wall let drop that the organization is finalizing plans to hold simultaneous concerts on college campuses around the U.S. on October 5th. Mirroring similar sentiments around the green community, Wall expressed disappointment that environmental issues were not more present in the various presidential debates and interviews over the past year. As a result, the organization has decided to thrust the issue once more into the spotlight by getting people to “rock the green vote”.

Prior to the event, Live Earth will invite the Democratic and Republican nominee to clarify their positions on such issues as climate change, renewable energy, and other green issues. As it’s still early, we have no information on what bands will be participating — or even the campuses participating. Kevin Wall did answer one question, however. Will Al Gore be back? “Absolutely,” he responded

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  • Dick C.

    Al Gore is the PT Barnum of the 21st Century. Lest you forget (or have no idea who PT is: “A Sucker is Born Every Minute” was his code.

    Little Al has taken it to new levels. “Carbon Offsets”??? Vaporware! You are all a bunch of Maroons (See Bugs Bunny) for following this fake. He is laughing at you ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK! FOLLOW HIS MONEY!

  • JM

    Your name suits you.

  • Jim C.

    I have to hand it to Albert. He has to be one of the smartest persons alive. Why do I say this? Because he has clearly demonstrated that he has a talent for exploiting a suspicious environmental concern for his own financial gain – a financial gain that has made him a multi-millionaire. Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t condemn Albert for what he’s doing. Hell, I admire the man for knowing how to make the most of his 15 minutes of fame. But let’s be honest with each other….Albert’s motivation is all about the money…SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!
    People say that he’s a leader but I don’t think that title properly fits Albert. Instead professions such as used car salesman, snake oil salesman and propagandist ring in my ears when I think of how Albert has been able to line his pockets with millions of dollars in the name of “Saving the Planet”.

    If P.T. Barnum were still around today I believe he would pat Albert on the back tell him good job for pulling the wool over everybody’s eyes and then quietly whisper in Albert’s ear that he would like to partner up with him since it’s so obvious that being a global warming spokesman is a very, very lucrative business. And to close the deal P.T. would say that being a spokesman fits very nicely into the principle of his business model which is “A sucker is born every minute”. Albert would undoubtedly nod his head in agreement.

    Why do I say that Albert isn’t really a leader? Because his actions speak louder than his words. For instance:
    1.) Why does Albert demand upwards of $200,000 for his speaking fee plus all trip expenses paid plus a daily stipend? A leader is someone who will speak for his cause without regard for money. Not so with Albert. Add the numbers up….One speaking engagement per month at $200,000 each for one year amounts to $1.2 million dollars per year. Not bad for a Power Point presentation.
    On May 20, 2000 financial records released by Albert indicated that his assets totaled somewhere between $780,000 and $1.9 million. An article published by Bloomberg news on March 12, 2008 stated that Albert’s net worth is now in excess of $100 million and has made enough money to invest $35 million in hedge funds (I wonder if any of those funds were run by Bear Sterns?). Hmmmmm…I wonder where all that money came from? Stock options and director salaries do not account for all of that tremendous increase.
    A real leader is someone such as MLK or Gandhi. Those were men who truly believed in their cause and didn’t demand money in order to speak about their cause. They did it not for the money but out of a heartfelt belief that they were contributing to righting a wrong. Tell me, how much did MLK demand to show up to deliver his “I Have a Dream Speech”? Answer: Zero. That’s the mark of a TRUE LEADER….one who doesn’t put his self-interest before the causes
    Not so with Albert. If you want Albert to make his presentation then you better pony up some cash. That’s the MO of a propagandist, someone who has found a niche and is exploiting it for his own financial gain.
    It would seem to me that if anybody had a cause that they were truly passionate about and truly believed in then they would want to spread their message as widely as possible and make it as easy as possible for the masses to hear that message. Not so with Albert. His message comes with a price tag. So tell me Gore Groupies, why doesn’t Albert speak for free? I’ll answer that for you…because he wouldn’t have any money to deposit in his account after the presentation.

    2.) Let’s talk about Albert’s documentary now available DVD. I wonder how much money Albert has reaped from the sales of that DVD? This is a great medium to spread the message to the masses at low costs. The message is the same as his power point presentation so why not sell the DVD at cost? But no, that would mean that no profits would be derived from DVD sales which mean no money for Albert. Again, MO of a person with profits on his mind, not someone who is trying to save the world from humanity.

    3.) A leader practices what he preaches. Can everybody honestly say that Albert’s lifestyle is one that he advocates? The examples abound of his hypocrisy and double-standards:

    • Albert has the means to build an environmentally correct home but instead he bought a 10,000 square foot mansion that consumes 20 times more energy than the average American household. Oh, what a good environmental steward Albert is.

    • I’m sure everybody remembers the scene in his documentary of him driving out to the family farm. But did anybody notice what he was driving? It sure wasn’t a Prius. In fact it looked like one of those evil SUVs to me. Way to set the example Albert.

    • And what about all those trips in carbon emitting private jets that Albert has taken? Do you know what really would have made an impression on me…If Albert would have accepted his Peace Prize via satellite hook-up. But no…instead he jumps on a jet and helps contribute to the carbon emission that he so vehemently preaches against. That stunt really showed his true colors.

    The Gore groupies can’t deny these points. But I predict that after calling me many nasty names their response will be that Albert buys Carbon Credits to offset the pollution of his lifestyle. What a load of crap…Carbon Credits are today’s version of snake oil.

    I could go on and perhaps I will in the future. But for now I will close by saying that everybody should really think about what Albert’s true motivation is. As the saying goes, follow the money and you will find the answer. The huge trail of money made off of this so called climate crises leads straight to Albert’s bank accounts. Which leads one to finally see what Albert’s true motivation for devoting so much of his energy and time to the global warming propaganda machine….ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY BABY! Way to go Albert! You have realized the American Dream. I can’t wait until he publishes a book on getting rich as a spokesman for funky, wacky causes….that’s one Gore book that I would buy!

  • Jim C.

    Clinton made over $51 million in speaking fees…wonder how much Albert made from his Power Point Presentation?

    As everybody can now see, the lecture circuit is a very, very lucrative business with little to no overhead as proven by recently released tax returns by the Clintons. According to the released returns, Bill made $51.9 MILLION (an average of $6.4 MILLION per year) in speaking fees during the period of 2000-2007. Good job Bill and more power to you.

    Now I wonder how many millions the great opportunist Al Gore has made from his power point presentation. Why don’t you’ll ask him to release those numbers? But he never will because that will reveal the true motivation behind his activity as a global warming activist. But what’s the use; he will just skew those numbers to his favor just like he skews the data and so-called facts that he uses within his activist presentations.

    When will the masses that support global warming who see Al as their savior finally wake up and realize what Gore’s real motivation is for being a global warming activist? It’s all about the MONEY and how much he can accumulate before the gig is over. He knew he needed a job after he left politics and boy did he hit a homerun! He has bamboozled everybody who has paid him to speak, bought his books, bought his DVD’s or bought tickets to those ridiculous concerts last year.

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  • Amber

    He gets paid to speak, big deal. Lots of people make tons of cash giving lectures. That doesn’t make global warming any less real or serious. And relax a little. No one is going to give you a journalism award for your dreadfully long comments.

  • Jim C.

    How blind you are Amber…This human induced global warming fantasy is nothing more than a pop culture fad that will eventually fade away just as the pet rock did. And Al knows it, thats why he’s trying to add to his fortune before it does become recogonized as the true crap that it is. Doesn’t it bother you that the poster boy of Global Warming has financial motives for his so called activism?

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